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Why is it so easy for bundle sheath cells to transport sugars to and from the mesophyll? (i.e. what kind of membrane interation allows this movement)
What proces in photosystem two also contributes to an H+ gradient?
True or False: the light reactions produce ATP through chemiosmosis
In C4 plants, the cost of fixing one CO2 is ___ ATP
To produe ATP from the light rxns, H+ is pumped from the _____ to the _____ to create a gradient
Area in a photosystem that contains several hundred chlorophyll a, b, and carotenoids
In phase 1 of the calvin cycle, what molecule did we use that needs to be regenerated and in what number?
Carotenoids and Xanthophylls are examples of what kind of molecule?
In photosynthesis, what molecule is reduced?
The chlorophyll molecule sits nicely in a lipid compartment. What part of the molecule would be found in this hydrophobic area?
At night, what enzyme fixes CO2 in CAM plants?
C4 plants use a _____ separation of steps to circumvent photorespiration
List the three areas where electrons move in order of cyclic electron flow
C4 plants circumvent photorespiration by transporting what organic acid to what type of cell? What is released?
Phase two of the Calvin Cycle is the reduction of ______. How many of these are reduced? How many inorganic phosphates are formed? (assuming input of 3CO2)
The role of the chlorophyll dimer is to transfer an excited electron to the _____
True or False: In C4 plants, CO2 can be fixed in the normal Calvin Cycle by Rubisco
What part of the light reactions produces O2?
What protein complex couples the pumping of H+ to the flow of electrons in the liight rxn ETC?
Chlorophyll should always absorb at the same wavelength. However, P680 and P700 absorb differently due to a connection to _____
True or False: water is an input in the light reactions
The H+ flow through ATP synthase in photosynthesis has another name besides chemiosmosis…what is it?
What specific acid accumulates in CAM plants during the night?
The shorter the wavelength of light, the (more or less) energy of the photon
CAM plants use a _____ separation of events to circumvent photorespiration
As an electron falls closer and closer to the nucleus, it emits (shorter or longer) wavelengths of light
Part of the leaf where CO2 and O2 enter
The process that occurs on hot days when the stomata closes
How many carbons are present in the acid sugar of CAM plants?
Part of the leaf where H2O enters
What is the FULL name of the CO2 acceptor in the Calvin Cycle?
True or False: cyclic electron flow involves both PS one and two
What kind of integral proteins make up the photosystems? What is the most common form of these protein subunits?
In C4 plants, what enzyme fixes CO2?
In C4 plants, where is CO2 fixed?
Term for incorporating CO2 into a carbohydrate
In CAM plants, the stomata (opens/closes) during the day and then (opens/closes) at night
Is P680 greater in or lower in energy in the ground state compared to P700?
If we input 3 molecules of CO2 into the calvin cycle, how many molecules of 3-phosphoglycerate will we produe? What is the other product, and how many will be produced?
True or False: After phase 1 and 2 of the Calvin Cycle, we produce six molecules of G3P if we input 3 of CO2
Combining CO2 and an organic molecule is analagous to adding what functional group?
In the reaction center of a photosystem, how many chlorophyll molecules are there? Are they all a, all b, or a mix?
The splitting of water replenishes the electron hole in photosystem one or two?
Adding oxygen to functional groups raises or lowers their free energy?
In what metal is the electron stored if it doesn't make it to NADP+ reductase? The plant obtains this metal through the _____
How many G3P are involved in phase 3 of the Calvin cycle (assuming input of 3 CO2).
True or False: the role of the cyclic electron flow is to create an extra H+ gradient
P700 corresponds to which photosystem?
What does 1 cycle of the Calvin Cycle produce?
What is delta G for photosynthesis? Is the number positive or negative?
In an absorpotion spectrum comparing chlorophyll a and b, which molecule has its peak in the purple (shorter wavelength) area?
In C3 plants, the process of photorespiration occurs in three organelles. What are they (in order).
Layer 1 of the Calvin Cycle, also known as carbon fixation, uses how many ATP?
In general, the stroma has a (high or low) ph?
To make a glucose molecule, how many turns of the Calvin Cycle are required?
P680 corresponds to which photosystem?
In photorespiration, what two molecule act as the substrates?
Rubisco's primary substrates are CO2 and RuBP; what kind of enzyme is it?
True or False: most of the evaporation on plant leaves during the day is due to heat
How many ATP are required for the regeneration of the CO2 acceptor in the calvin cycle?
True or False: CO2 is an input in the light reactions
How many photons does it take to reduce 1 molecule of NADP+?
True or False: in plants, reative oxygen species (ROS) can be destructive and accesory pigments protect chlorophyll from oxidative damage
In C4 plants, how many ATP are required to make one glucose?
Chlorophyll a and b mainly absorb what two colors of visible light
How many ATP do we need for the calvin cycle? How many NADPH?
CO2 is released in the bundle sheath ell of C4 plants. What 3 carbon sugar is formed when CO2 is released? The molecule formed enters the mesophyll to form what 3 carbon sugar?
True or False: at night, cellular respiration is a necessity for plants
True or False: an electron that has gone from PS2 -> PS1 is energenic enough to reduce NADP+
In general, the thylakoid space has a high or low pH?
Name of the part of a photosystem whose role is to harvest light
True or False: Rubisco is an oxygenase
True or False: cyclic electron flow does not produce NADPH
Where are the chlorophyll located?
What molecule (abbreviation) is the shuttle from PS2 to PS1?
Name of the ring structure found in chlorophyll (and heme)
In the light reactions, if all goes well, how many H2O does it take to produce 2 NADPH?
In photoexcitation in an isolated chlorophyll, electron energy is lost as what two forms of energy?
Each time an electron is passed from a carrier in a photosystem, it falls (closer or further) to/from the nucleus
Photoexcitation in the light reactions of photosynthesis allows for ______ energy transfer
In a photosystem, when a photon is absorbed by a pigment, an electron is excited to a (higher or lower) energy level
True or False: Fd in the ETC of plants is found in the membrane
How many oxidation states does NADP+ have?
True or False: an advantage of having so many pigments of chlorophyll is that it allows the plant to harvest many types of light
Where does the electron come from that replenishes the electron hole in photosystem one?
How many photons does it take to reduce enough NADP+ for the Calvin cycle?
How many ATP are required to make one glucose? How many NADPH are required?
One turn of the entire Cavin Cycle gives us what product and in what amount?
True or False: photorespiration is wasteful because it removes carbon from the Calvin Cycle
In photosynthesis, what molecule is oxidized?
Put the following in order for the flow of electrons produced from light hitting photosystem II to NADP+ reductase: Photosystem 1 (PS1), PS2, Fd, Pc, Pq, B6-f complex, primary elec
The chloroplast is not highly folded. What does folding increase in the mitochondria and what system does this promote?
How many H+ are moved per electron in the light reactions?

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