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What is the cost of one cycle of Na-K ATPase active transport?
For chromosomes to move during mitosis, what kind of proteins walk towards opposite poles of the cell?
Cytokinesis in animal cells is primarily due to the (microtubule/microfilament/intermediate fiber) named ______
Cell markers that make membranes bifacial are what kind of macromolecule
Lowering the temperature of a system shifts the boltzmann distribution to the (left/right) and (raises/lowers) the max of the curve
In one cycle of Na-K ATPase transport, ____ sodiums ____ the cell, and ____ potassiums ____ the cell
ATP + adenylyl cyclase = _____
In cellular respiration, is delta G dependent or independent of pathway?
In animals, cytokinesis forms a ____ in the middle of a cell that pinches in two to form two daughter cells
True or False: Reactions with a positive delta G are not spontaneous
Name of the movement of large polar or large charged molecules (macromolecules) through cell membrane
In plants, vesicles containing cell wall material line up in the middle of the cell during cytokinesis. What structure do these vesicles ultimately form?
To alter the lipid composition of a membrane, a lipid would be made at the ____, transported in ____ to the ____, and finally returned to the plasma membrane via an ________
Allosteric activators bind to regulatory site to stabilize (active or inactive) conformation of enzyme
A high Km indicates a (weak or strong) binding of enzyme and substrate?
True or False: Sterols prevent phase transitions in the cell membrane by raising the freezing point and lowering the boiling point
True or False: simple diffusion requires no energy
Transport proteins and receptor proteins are what kind of integral protein in the membrane?
Exergonic reactions have a (positive or negative) delta G?
These molecules can: allow passage across membrane, be receptors or enzymes, allow cells to adhere and communicate
What can a cell do to a glucose molecule to ensure that it does not leak through the cell membrane?
Integral proteins in the cell membrane can be 'integrated' in two ways. Name these two ways using 4 words
Which of the following can cross the cell membrane? Na+, Mg++, O2, Cl-, H2O, CO2, K+
The transport of calcium in the smooth ER of muslce is an example of (primary or secondary) active transport?
A protein with a acovalent anchor to the outside of the plasma membrane would be created by what kind of ribosome?
Term for an organic, non protein molecule that is required for an enzyme's catalytic power
A protein embedded in the outer membrane of a mitochondria is made by what kind of ribosome?
Allosteric inhibitors bind to regulatory site to stabilize (active or inactive) conformation of enzyme
True or False: plasma membranes in animals never have carbohydrates embedded
Cellular respiration is a (catabolic or anabolic) pathway?
Regulation of enzyme with more than 1 subunit and more than 1 active site
A peripheral protein on the cytosolic side of the plasma membrane is made by what kind of ribosome?
Mechanism for primary active transport
Contransport of two molecules in the same direction….in the opposite direction
Small non-protein molecules added to an enzyme and required for catalysis
Evidence of membrane fluidity is thanks to _____ and Edidin
True or False: energy transformation is a function of membrane proteins
Active transport uses these type of proteins (only)
True or False: Facilitated diffusion requires the cell to expend energy
Name of sterol in plant cell membranes
True or False: the only molecules that inhibit facilitated diffusion are molecules that are similar to the carrier proteins
Enzyme that catalyzes phospholipid flip flops
How many molecules are used/regeneratoed per second per cell? (log10 of the actual number)
Name of sterol in fungal membranes
In the Sucrose-H+ pump in plants, what molecule creates the concetration gradient? What molecule creates the electrochemical gradient?
Do enzymes affect delta G?
True or False: carrier proteins have a specific binding site
Cell membranes can drift in this direction
In the G-protein linked receptor, the binding of GTP makes the receptor (active or inactive)?
Term for an enzyme changing shape in response to a subtrate
Process by which ions and large polar molecules pass through the cell membrane
Name of protein that is a secondary meseenger on cytoplasmic side of membrane in the G-protein-linked receptor
A protein in the membrane of the lysosome would be created by a (free or bound) ribosome?
Unilateral integral proteins are connected to the cell membrane via what interaction
If the chemical effect (CE) is less than the electrical effect (EE) in an electrochemical gradient, then there will be a net movement in the direction of the EE or CE?
Process by which small polar and lipid soluble molecules move through cell membrane
What kind of side chains would you find on proteins crossing the phospholipid bilayer of membranes?
cAMP + phosophodiesterase (with loss of water) =
What type of vitamnins often function as coenzymes in cellular respiration?
Activated G-proteins are found on the _____ side of the memrbane
Secondary structure of transmembrane proteins due to polar peptide linkages
True or False: carrier proteins cannot be saturated by substrate
Type of carrier proteins that have a binding site for facilitated diffusion
If the chemical effect (CE) is greater than the electrical effect (EE) in an electrochemical gradient, then there will be a net movement in the direction of the EE or CE?
Photosynthesis is a (catabolic or anabolic) pathway?
Delta G for the hydrolysis of ATP = negative _____ kcal/mol
True or False: it is harder for water and glycerol to cross the cell membrane that it is for non-polar molecules
Regulation of an enzyme where the first enzyme in a pathway is inhibited by the end product in the metabolic pathway
Enzymes that are made in inactive form, then modified later to produce the active form
Any proteins that are inserted into the membrane are created by what kind of ribosomes
Cell membranes rarely do this
Movement of what organelle is involved in endo/exocytosis
Term used for fibers of microtubules sliding along each other
Peripheral proteins are attached by what strength of molecular interaction?
Channel proteins for water in the cell membrane are called
Name for a chemical signal secreted by signaling cell
What are pH and [H2O] respectively at standard conditions?
Facilitated diffusion requires passage across membrane via _____ proteins
Mechanism for secondary active transport
Lipid only found on cytosolic face of plasma membrane
The stability of proteins inside the cell membrane is due partly to these two interactions in water
What kind of structure do enzymes have when they can produce a sigmoid cuirve of reaction rate versus substrate concentration?
When are cofactors added to the enzyme?
ALL membrane proteins on the outside of the plasma membrane are made from what kind of ribosome?
Principle that entails 'side of membrane facing cytosol has always faced cytosol'
Name for the signaling cell in the immune system
Work done in cells has a negative or positive delta G?
Name of sterol in animal cell membranes
The fluid mosaic model of membrane structure is attributed to these two people
Sterols affect membrane fluidity by becoming _____ fluid at low tempatures, and ____ fluid at high temperatures
What kind of microtubules overlap in the middle of the cell to allow for chromosome movement?
In cotransport in plants, the ATP pump transports H+ (down or against) its concentration gradient to transport sucrose (down or against) its concentration gradient
In the G-protein linked receptor, the binding of GDP makes the receptor (active or inactive)?
Proteins in the cell membrane tht can get the signal to change conformation for facilitated diffusion
Channel proteins create ______ tunnels in the cell membrane
Change in free energy of cellular respiration = negative ____ kcal/mol
The name of catalytic RNA?

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