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Microtubules are (hollow or solid) rods
True or False: Prokaryotes do not have ribosomes
Bacterial flagella are embedded in a _____ protein
Area of the cell that organizes microtubules
True or False: Myosin is associated with microfilaments
Name the six components of the endomembrane system (singular nouns in alphabetical order)
Name of the anchor of eukaryotic cilia and flagella
The largest of the three fibers in the cytoskeleton
The flagella anchor is made of fiber X. Name the fiber, then fill in the following structural formula = _____ X triplets + ____ X
Area of the cell that alters phospholipids
Area of cell that stores Ca++
Characterization of the proteosome protein structure
Area of the cell where old or misfolded nuclear and cytosolic proteins are degraded
Name of section of bacteria that contains chromosome
How many chromosomes do prokaryotic cells have? Do they have a lot of proteins for packing?
Cell walls of bacteria are embedded with structural ______-polysaccharides
Programmed cell destruction is a function of what organelle?
What part of the eukaryotic cell evolved to partition organelles, isolate biosynthesis and decomposition, and localize environment for chemical reactions?
Number of phospholipid bilayers in gram negative bacteria
Protein the marks old or misfolded proteins for degradation
Area of cell that oxidizes lipids
Shape of chromosomes in eukaryotic cells
Products are shipped from the Rough ER to the golgi via ______ _______s
The nucleus is surrounded by _____# of phospholipid bilayers. What is this area called?
There is barely any fluid inside the nucleus, due to ____ _____s embedded in the phospholipid bilayers.
If I want to send protein A to the mitochondria, I will put a tag on this protein in what part of the cell
Secondary structure found in the porins in the outer membrane of gram negative bacteria
Name of protein that makes up flagella in bacteria
Fiber like section of the nucleus that give it its shape. The proteins in this area are ______-linked.
Area of the cell that detoxifies by adding -OH
Name of molecule responsible for bacterial cell wall structure
Plants have a large _____ ______ (organelle)
Formula for strucutre of MT organizing center = ____ triplets of fiber X + ____ fibers of X. Name the fiber X
Embedded protein in cell walls responsible for material movement
In animals, this is a web of glycoproteins, extracelullar proteins, and polysaccharides that is associated with the outer face of the plasma membrane
Site where ribosomal subunits are assembled
Where are peroxisomes assembled?
Wich came first: eubacteria or archae?
Bacterial flagella are _____ rods
Chloroplasts are descendent from what type of organism?
Endosymbiotic theory says that the energy converting organelles resemble bacteria. Therefore, these organelles are sensitive to what two antibiotics?
Chloroplasts/mitochondria possess how many DNA molecules, and in what shape? These molceules would be censored because they are _____
Alpha-proteobacteria gave rise to what organelle?
Movement of cilia and flagella is due to what protein?
Microfilaments are (hollow or solid) rods
True or False: The extracellular matrix is produced inside the cell
True or False: 'Cells contain hereditary material' is a principle of cell theory
Name the two most common types of vacuoles
Name of the process for recycling used or faulty parts of the cell. This happens in what organelle?
True or False: porins can be found in the outer membrane of mitochondria
True or False: the cytosol is mostly hydrogen peroxide with enzymes
Area of the nucleus that contains genes for rRNA
Name of person who first observed the cell
Shape of bacillus
Subunits of a microtubule
Area of the cell where intracellular digestion occurs
Fill in the missing parts of the sequence of ribosome production; ribosome->ribosomal proteins->_______ (through protein pores)->subunits transported to ______->assembled
The smallest of the three fibers in the cytoskeleton
Products that are shipped from the Rough ER fuse with the ____ face of the golgi
Shape of coccus
The rough E.R. is the site of synthesis for multiple proteins. One of these is proteins in endomembrane organelles. Name the other two types:
The detoxification reactions of peroxisomes add _____ to gain a toxic product of _____.
Name of molecules that regulate the interaction between the cytoplasm and the nucleus
Site of rRNA synthesis
True or False: 'Cells arise from macromolecules' is a priniple of cell theory
Area of cell where carbohydrates are metabolized
True or False: membrane and extracellular proteins are degraded in the proteosome
Shape of spirillium
Endosymbiotic theory says that the energy converting organelles resemble bacteria. What organelle did the bacteria contain that is now present in organelleception?
True or False: plants contain centrioles
Cilia and flagella are made of what type of fiber X. Name fiber X, then fill in these blanks for their structure; ____ outer X doublets + ____ central X singlets
Area of the cell that modifies, stores, and ships synthesized proteins
A molecule commonly found on the outside of gram negative bactera that is mostly polysaccharide
Area of the cell where membranes are produces
Name of people who came up with cell theory
Area of the cell where lipids are synthesized
If the ____ of a cell gets too large, then there is not enough _____ to remove materials
Intermediate fibers in the cytoskeleton are more permanent. What kind of subunits are they composed of?
What part of the cell contains the following enzymes; lipases, carbohydrases, proteases, nucleases? How would you classify these enzymes? What is the pH of this organelle?
True or False: 'Chemical reactions maintaining life occur in cells' is a principle of cell theory
The cell wall of plants is made of a ____ matrix, whereas the cell wall of fungi is made of _____
Sections of chromosomes where nucleolus forms
The cytoskeleton contains motor proteins, name them.
Certain organisms have few to no membrane bound organelles; what cells do they likely have?
Organelles that often story pigments and starches
Which of the following is NOT something that all cells have: plasma membrane, genetic material, enzymes, nucleus, cytoplasm
Shape of chromosomes in prokaryotic cells
True or False: The cytosol contains the cytoplasm

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