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The conformational folding of proteins happens in what kind of solutions?
To make N-acetylglucosamine, we replace the -OH with a ___ on carbon # ___ in glucose, which forms a ____ sugar. What atom do we then acetylate?
Letters of the three nitrogen bases with one ring
Name of the linear starch polymer. Made up of repeating units of ____
In the fisher projection of galactose, the 4th carbon has a _____ group pointing to the _____
Change in form or function over time that is systematic
Alpha/beta linkages make cellulose indigestable
To determine L vs D, we look at the _____ carbon _____ from the carbonyl group
Direction associated with alpha glucose.
Steroids and other fats are predominantly ____
Life evolved in what medium?
Specific heat of water in calories/grams/degrees celcius
Biological membranes are made of a ______ ______
Name of bond between proteins that always removes the OH from the ____ group and the H from the ___ group
True or False: the linkages between monomers in starch can be classified as beta?
True or False: the fats in plants tend to be unsaturated
Name of phospholipid structure with NO water on the inside
Nitrogen base with one ring.
Reactions occur in what medium?
ATP is a derivative of what monomer?
The sequence of amino acids in a protein leads to what structure?
Phospholipids have ____ fatty acid chains, as well as a ____ group and a ____ entity
Another name for triglyceride
Tertiary structure is formed by interactions between R groups. Name the 4 possible interactions that lead to this (type 'give up' to see order)
Attraction between unlike molecules
Name of the branched polymer of starch. What number linkage creates this branching?
The ____ carbon is the carbon with the carbonyl in the ____ form of glucose
Carbonyl in the middle of a chain
Carbonyl at the end of a chain
Chemical formula of carboxyl group
Water is a hella good solvent due to what property?
6 carbon sugars have how many possible stereoisomers?
What two groups react in the linear form of glucose to form a ring? What atom changes location?
Enzymes tend to be derivatives of what monomer?
Which form of glucose polymer (alpha or beta linked residues) can form hydrogen bonds between residues?
The number of stereoisomers in a group is equal to 2^n where n is the number of ____
Chemical formulaa for glycerol _____. This molecule is considered a ____.
True or False: containing DNA is an emergent property
What kind of interactions make _____ fatty acids solid?
Quaternary structure is due to interactions between what part of the polypeptides?
Signaling molecules tend to be derivatives of what monomer?
If we have N number of monomers and we ultimately want to make a polymer out of all of them, how many dehydration reactions must occur? (i.e. how many H2O are removed)
Prefix for 'on the same side'
Name of reaction that forms polymers out of monomers
What type of interaction is responsible for primary structure? What about secondary structure?
The phosphate in a nucleotide is bonded to what carbon on the sugar?
In a D sugar, the ____ group is pointing to the ____
The ____ carbon in the ring form of glucose has how many oxygens bonded to it?
Attraction between like molecules
The bonding in secondary structure occurs between the ____ group of one AA and the ____ of another
Do hydrolysis energies consume energy?
Prefix for 'on opposite sides'
Name of linkage in lipid polymers
The number of carbons in simple sugars can range from
What kind of bond forms polymers
Name of monomer in chitin, number of linkage
Maltose is formed by what two monosacharrides? Classify the linkage between them
Evaporative cooling is due to what property of water
What is the heat of vaporization of water in calories/gram at room temperature
All proteins have what form(s) of structure?
The acidic group on amino acids is the
Glucose and fructose are ____isomers
Which form of glucose (linear or ring) is more prevelant under physiological conditionss
Sucrose is formed by what two monosaccharides. Classify the linkage between them
Water transport in trees is due to what property of water?
What happens to the boiling point of a fat if its chain gets longer?
Chemial formula for a saturated fatty acid chain with x TOTAL carbons (including end of chain): C____, H____, O____
Direction associated with beta glucose.
Do dehydration reactions require energy?
The nitrogen base in a nucleotide is bonded to what carbon on the sugar?
Another name for glucose is ____, another name for fructose is ____
Lowering the pH of a protein's environment can break what kind of bonds?
True or False: glycogen has more branching than amylopectin
True or False: The fatty acids on the same glycerol must have identical degrees of saturation and linkages
True or False: Cellulose contains 1-4 glycosidic linkages
True or False: the native conformation of a protein is the lowest energy conformation (most of the time)
DNA strands are held together by what type of interaction
Nitrogen base with double ring
In the fisher projection of glucose, the 4th carbon has a _____ group pointing to the _____
When asked to give a chemical formula for a polymer, DO NOT FORGET to remove a ______!!!!
In the formula X:Y omega Z, what do X, and Y represent?
Random change in organism structure over geological time
Give two reasons for fats being dense in energy
In an L sugar, the ____ group is pointing to the _____
Alpha and Beta gluccose differ in the arrangement of what group on the ____ carbon in space?
Steroids have how many hydrocarbon rings?
Coenzymes are derivatives of what monomer?
The number of carbonyl groups in monosaccarides
Chemical formula of acetyl group
At carbon 2, deoxyribose contains a _____ and ribose contains a _____.
In the formula X:Y omega Z, the Z represents the position of the ______ counting from the _____ end.
Letters of the two nitrogen bases with two rings
What do we divide the nymber of possible diastereomers in a group of sugars by to attain the nymber of enantiomers?
The ability of small animals to walk on water is due to what property of water
Classification of sugar in a nucleotide
Name of linkage in polynucleotide
The number of hydroxyl groups is one less than the number of _____ in a monosaccharide
Name of reaction for breaking polymers into monomers
Name of sugar with terminal carbonyl group
Hormones tend to be what macromolecule?
Name of phospholipid structure with water on the inside
Proteins that aid the folding of other proteins
Gluose and galactose are what type of isomer?
For every double bond in a ____ fatty acid, there are ____ less hydrogens than there would be in a single bond.
Classify the linkages between monomers of linear starch molecules
Name of sugar with internal carbonyl group
The basic group on amino acids is the _____
True or False: Tertiary structure refers to the localized folding pattern in a protein

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