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Can you name the Who said this: Tony or John Mayer??

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Million dollar idea: 'Scarface' prequel which delves into exactly how Tony Montana got a cut which turned into a scar, dubbed 'Scabface'
Probably taking a nap later
Every once in a while I like to take a moment out of my day and appreciate I haven't bitten the inside of either side of my mouth
I watched Harry Potter today for a solid 5 minutes in Spanish before realizing I didn't understand a word they were saying
I gotta tell you, when someone refers to something as 'Machiavellian,' I just agree with them and remind myself to look up what that means
I'd like to sit and talk to someone for about an hour about how great Ed sheeran was tonight. Hypertalent
Sorry, who is this? This is a new toilet. Dropped my phone on it last night.
It feels like Monday and it's bothersome.
In terms of feelings of loneliness and despair after a night of drinking, Sunday takes the cake.
I'm currently dressing like somebody trying not to get picked for jury duty
This day is going slow fast.
Shutting off phone to ensure I have battery for when Ii encounter an awkward situation out tonight
I just said to a waiter 'hip me to a nice piece of fish.'
I rationalize wearing ugly clothing by saying to myself 'if anyone asks I'll just say i got it as a gift'
Brushed my teeth with toothpaste that's making everything taste far too effervescent
Can't wait to teach my kids the funds mental rule of life. 'Remember kids, if you didn't put it on social media, it didn't happen.'
I just remembered that the name of the world in Legend of Zelda is Hyrule. Hoping to forget and relearn something in its place.
You're a weird guy, ace.
Apparently right on red is a really hard concept to comprehend
You're never too old for the 'unprepared for a major high school exam' dream, I suppose

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