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Can you name the spells used in Harry Potter (books and movies only)?

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Notably Casted BySpellsFunction of Spell
Harry PotterSummoning charm
Harry PotterProduces water
Gilderoy LockhartShoots an object into the air
Hermione GrangerUsed to open and unlock doors
Horace SlughornClears the target's airways if they're blocked
Hermione Granger Makes invisible ink (and other items) appear
Harry PotterKills spiders
Albus DumbledoreUsed to slow down objects
Harry PotterLifts the caster higher in the air
VoldemortThe killing curse
Hermione GrangerConjures a flock of birds
Hermione GrangerCauses a small explosion
Dolores UmbridgeCauses a big explosion
Gilderoy LockhartAble to heal a bone, if done correctly
Bellatrix LestrangeProduces a rope at the end of a wand to pull objects towards the caster
Hermione GrangerWarns others of an approaching enemy
Tom Riddle (Voldemort)Opens a chest
Hermione GrangerLocks a door
Harry PotterCauses an explosion
Hermione GrangerCauses the victim to become confused
Bellatrix LestrangeThe torture curse
Harry PotterCauses deep gouges to appear in the object targeted by the spell
Amos DiggoryErases images and after effects of magic
Draco MalfoyMakes the victim's teeth grow rapidly
Fourth Year Students Banishing spell
Ron WeasleyMakes the targeted object to move downwards
Hermione GrangerPuts immense downwards pressure on the target
Harry PotterTears or breaks the target in a certain area
Nigel WespurtMakes an object shrink
Hermione GrangerTurns the opponent to stone
Barty Crouch Jr. (as Mad Eye Moody)Makes an object grow larger
Luna LovegoodHeals minor injuries
Hermione GrangerUsed to erect a structure
Severus SnapeMakes something vanish
Draco MalfoyThrows the opponent backwards
Harry PotterA defensive spell, used to defend one from dementors
Harry PotterUsed to disarm an opponent
Cho ChangCauses the opponents clothes to combust
Notably Casted BySpellsFunction of Spell
Antonin DolohovCauses a large explosion
Ron WeasleyTransforms animals to water goblets
Remus LupinCreates a bandage and a splint
Vincent CrabbeCreates an unstoppable fire
Hermione GrangerUndoes the effects of spells
Tom Riddle (Voldemort)Allows the caster's wand to leave fiery marks
Harry PotterCauses the target to be covered in boils
Bellatrix LestrangeCreates duplicates of the object the spell is cast upon
Hermione GrangerCauses stairways to become a ramp or slide
Draco MalfoyAllows the object or person to pass through its twin vanishing cabinet
Hermione GrangerReveals any humans near the caster
Hermione GrangerUsed to freeze or slow down the target
Harry PotterAble to trip, freeze and knock back an opponent
Barty Crouch Jr. (as Mad Eye Moody)Gives the user control of their victim
Ron WeasleyMakes substances repel off of objects
Dolores UmbridgeTies the target up in ropes
Arthur WeasleyProduces a fire
Hermione GrangerSends a small ball of fire from the user's wand
Harry PotterGlues the target's tongue to the roof of their mouth
Severus SnapeAllows the user to penetrate the targets mind
Luna LovegoodDangles the target by their ankles
Harry PotterThe counterspell to 'levicorpus'
Nymphadora TonksMoves a desired object where ever the caster wants
Draco MalfoyLocks the opponent's legs together
Harry PotterCreates light at the end of one's wand
Hermione GrangerCreates a ray of light as bright as the sun
Albus DumbledoreShoots a ball of light where directed
Ron Weasley (as Reg Cattermole)Causes weather effects to cease
Hermione GrangerLevitates and moves an object
Sirius BlackLevitates and moves bodies
Barty Crouch Jr.Conjures the Dark Mark
Ron WeasleyCauses people's ears to be filled with buzzing so conversations can not be heard
Harry PotterTurns off the light (caused by 'lumos')
Gilderoy LockhartWipes away the target's memories
Hermione GrangerCauses a blindfold to appear over the target's eyes
Hermione GrangerCauses animals to attack a target
Hermione GrangerMakes a bouquet flowers appear from the caster's wand
Remus LupinPacks a trunk or luggage
Notably Casted BySpellsFunction of Spell
Albus DumbledoreCreates a gap between magical barriers
Harry PotterProduces red sparks from the user's wand
Draco MalfoyTemporarily binds the target's body
Gilderoy Lockhart(Supposedly) gets rid of pixies
Minerva McGonagallUsed to animate statues and suits of armor
Harry PotterPoints the user's wand north (like a compass)
Albus DumbledoreTurns an object into a portkey
Amos DiggoryUsed to reveal the last spell cast by a wand
Fred and George WeasleyShielding charm
Filius FlitwickShielding charm used against dark magic
Molly WeasleyPowerful shield charm that can disintegrate people who come in contact
Hermione GrangerA spell used to create a small shield over an area
Ludo BagmanCounterspell to 'sonorus'
Harry PotterShrinks an object
Ginny WeasleyBreaks or disintegrates objects
Harry PotterUsed to release something that is being held or binded
Amos DiggoryUsed to revive a stunned person
Hermione GrangerUsed to repair objects
Harry PotterKeeps muggles away from wizarding places
Horace SlughornDisintegrates the person who enters the charm
Harry PotterCreates a strong tickling sensation in an opponent
Remus LupinSpell to get rid of boggarts
Hermione GrangerShielding charm
Ginny WeasleyUsed to clean something
Severus SnapeCreates large gashes in opponent
Draco MalfoyProduces a snake from the caster's wand
Hermione GrangerSilencing spell
VoldemortMakes the caster's voice loud and able to be heard
Ernie MacmillanUsed to uncover properties and ingredients in objects
Harry PotterCreates an invisible cushioned area
Many, many charactersStunning spell
Draco MalfoyCauses the target's legs to dance uncontrollably
Hermione GrangerUsed to remove substances off of different surfaces
Severus SnapeCounter spell to 'serpensortia'
Severus SnapeHealing spell
Remus LupinLaunches small objects into the air
Filius FlitwickLevitation spell

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