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Question? answer Not so common sence (hint)
Which historical person is responsible for adding leap years into the calendar?
What is an “arcsecond” a measure of?
How many right angles makes up 180 deg.?
How many right angles makes up 360?
Describe the tilt of Earth’s axis?What degrees?
What imaginary point is always directly overhead to an observers location?
Which constellation is best used to “point” towards the north celestial pole?
Question? answer Not so common sence (hint)
How many degrees of angle are there between the north and south celestial poles?
Which two celestial coordinates are used to locate any object at any time at any location?it contains two pointer stars
How is declination measured from the celestial equator?
In right ascension, how many degrees corresponds to 1 hour? What degrees?
In modern astronomy, what do constellations represent?an internationally defined area of the....
What fraction of a degree is one arcsecond? What degrees?
Which historical figure corrected the calendar to include leap years every four years, but not on century years that cannot evenly be divisible by 400?
Question? answer Not so common sence (hint)
At what declination value is the Sun at the equinox?What degrees?
What does the Zodiac represent to the modern astronomer?
How do clocks in New York differ from those in California?What Time?
Which way are you moving with respect to the stars during one rotation of Earth?What Direction?
On what day will a shadow from a sundial cast the shortest shadow?
The true orbital period of the Earth around the Sun, with respect to the background of stars?
Which princess was banished to the moon by her tyrannical dictator sister?

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