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'An American Girl in Paris'
'It was an episode that, in its final moments, didn’t just subvert the six seasons that had come before
but seemed to repudiate them. At the end of the journey, all four women who’d found satisfaction in friendships, in work, in casual sex and, yes, in shopping were paired off with a monogamous life'
Daniel D'addariod, Salon
'That '70s Finale'
'You know you're not proud of your final season when the characters introduced to replace the departing regulars barely make an appearance, and most of the finale is spent in anticipation of bringing back _____. Oh, and then there was the absurdly unfounded development of finally pairing _____ with _____, which hopefully lasted no longer than our ability to take the '80s seriously as a genuine period of human history.'
Kevin Fitzpatrick,
'The Last One'
'The '_____' finale was the first big 'it was all just a dream' finale, ending with the revelation that
St. Eligius hospital and its staff were all the creations of an autistic and took place inside a
snowglobe. Although it enraged fans at the time, it's now one of the most spoofed finales ever.'
'Mirror Image'
'The mythology of the show wasn't developed that much, but we all wanted to know who was
leaping _____ around and when he'd go home. The final episode intimated that it had something
to do with a higher power, who may or may not have been a bartender, but it made very little sense.'
Dustin Rowles
'The Final Break'
'The finale, of course, rests on the rather underwhelming escape that leads to an emotional
whopper that I’m sure will mean more to the fan than the casual viewer. It all flows along
in an entertaining-enough manner that serves as an acceptable time-waster if little else.'
Frankie Dees
'The Hair-Brained Scheme'
'In...the imperialistic fashion of the day, a network would up and pull the plug on a series, denying closure and allowing audiences to ask no questions, like, say, how did ___ fare in college? Or, hey, why wasn't ___ around for ____ high-school graduation? At least we now know the answer to the last one: _____ thought the episode... was so hair-brained, he refused to appear in it. (For the record, _____ was right.)'
'Remember the Monsters?'
'So _____ didn't get his happy ending, which is what I feared would happen for so much
of this season. Yet at the same time, he didn't totally have to face the music either.'
Cory Barker,
'Farewell, Spiderman'
'...even visits from Uncle _____ and Stan Lee himself couldn't salvage the series
delving into the fan-reviled clone saga, hopping realities with reckless abandon to
stop a Spider-Man corrupted by the Carnage symbiote.' — Kevin Fitzpatrick,
'Epitaph Two'
'...most of 'Epitaph Two' was full of relationships that somehow were neatly bow tied for us
die hards to consume. It's a very disjointed series finale where if it were *gasp* two hours,
maybe we'd see the end of some monumental storylines. These include Boyd and Clyde 2.0 as
the Big Bads being completely ignored as well as how the tech got in the hands of evil.' —
'All the Time in the World'
'_____ left the air forever last night, but audiences denied knowing it existed. Instead of giving the show a normal send-off, ABC moved the finale to Monday and pitted it against the season finales of 24 and TV's number-one sitcom, Two and A Half Men. Even Sydney Bristow couldn't get out of that kind of fix.'
Colin Mahan,
'Life is a Rock'
'The first thing you learn in college writing classes is to never end a story with a dream
or a suicide -- they're cheap, lazy solutions to being backed into a corner narratively.
'_____' managed to pull both feats. I'm still pissed off about this finale.'
— Dustin Rowles
'Consider Me Gone'
'_____ was never a shining example of televisual art. But fans definitely deserved better than the callous send-off the show got. The _____ finale was originally intended as a cliffhanger, with the wisecracking alien trying to reunite with his extraterristrial friends, only to be captured by military scientists. Except the series ended right there, leaving viewers to assume _____ was being dissected in a secret lab somewhere.'
TV Squad's Richard Keller noted strong similarities to a two-part episode of Star Trek:
Voyager named 'Year of Hell'. He was 'extremely sad to see [the series] go', but could
not overlook the mediocrity, predictability and lack of originality of the series finale.
'Welcome to Paradise'
'A once-proud, communist-punching television series is reduced to a pitiful, shambling,
partially-reanimated corpse of its former self.' — David Johnson, DVD Verdict
'The desire to wrap everything up in a neat package–which is so contrary to the
spirit of this show–hobbled the series creators.' — Mark Perigard, Boston Herald

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