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'The Last One'
'...has some funny and touching moments, but overall, it feels like any other episode...and not a classic one at that. The episode does offer the long-awaited resolution to the on-again/off-again relationship between ____ and _____, but I'm sure there are those who feel that this plotline had been done to death back in 1997.' — Mike Long, DVDtalk
'These are the Voyages'
'So what was the right way to give the series a satisfying conclusion? Probably not shoehorning the episode, or perhaps the entire series into a holodeck simulation of (a very noticeably older) Will Riker during a forgotten episode of TNG fifteen years prior.' — Kevin Fitzpatrick,
'Into That Good Night'
'...the dreadful, humorless 9th season had been the fictional work of ____.... ____ ... had actually died of a heart attack, putting another sad touch on the big poo the final season and the series finale took all over what had once been one of TV's best comedies.'—
'Changing Nature'
'...the real star of the show was the adorable and mischievous Baby _____. With such a cute and cuddly tone, naturally, the show had to end with everyone dying. And we mean everyone. This is the only sitcom in history that actually ended with the on-camera extinction of the entire species that starred in it.' — Greg Welsh,
'Back to the Future'
'...what did they do? For a show that depicted the reality of a college student? A witch's spell that sent ______ back six months, of course. The spell -- which was completely out of character for a show based in reality -- allowed her to relive that part of her life. And how did it end? In the same way it ended the first time.' — Dustin Rowles
'The Finale'
'...just a glorified clip show, and considering that this episode followed an hour-long highlight reel (“The Chronicle,”...) that makes “The Finale” feel especially lazy.' — David Sims of A.V. Club
'The Truth'
'The episode featured the return of _____ after a departure from the show a year before, and while many praised his homecoming, audiences didn't like much else.' —
'Little House: The Last Farewell'
Post Series Movie: 'Honestly, we almost enjoyed the last episode of _____ given its out of the clear blue sky plot of blowing up the entire frickin' town to avoid handing over the reigns to the dastardly Mr. Lassiter. The idea was to send a message that though the land beneath it no longer belonged to them, the town itself would never belong to Lassiter. You still just blew up your entire home, (expletive deleted).' — Kevin Fitzpatrick,
'_____, The Goddess'
'...when CBS Executive William Paley and his wife found out that their favorite show Gunsmoke had been cancelled, they were outraged. Shortly thereafter, room was made in the... schedule for a new season of Gunsmoke and _____ was cancelled...As a result of the circumstances, the final episode of _____ was not unlike most others.' —
'All Good Things...Must Come to an End'
'What did the first six seasons of _____ matter if they were merely a means to flash to 2008 and showcase the various outcomes of ____ film career, _____ and ____ ending up together, or _____ dying before her daughter? I mean...we never watched this...shut up!'
— Kevin Fitzpatrick,
'Made in America'
'_____ And Gang Whack Fans' was the Post headline. 'Chase will have to live with what he did last night,' scolds Ms. Stasi, complaining that there was 'just one hit,' by which she means only one person was murdered by the mafia in this episode.' — Linda Stasi, NY Post
'Fall Out'
'At the time 'Fall Out' was first broadcast there were only three television channels available in the UK and the long-awaited final episode of the series had one of the largest ever viewing audiences... VCRs were not available until many years later, some viewers missed the fleeting glimpse of No 1's face. This, along with the intentional ambiguity... resulted in bafflement and anger among the show's viewership and McGoohan claimed he was then 'hounded' out of the country. The popular press joined in with the public indignation at this 'rubbish'...' — Wikipedia
'The Thing That Wouldn't Die'
'Save a scene in which _____ has a variety of facial expressions when ____ asks her to think back about their lives together while imagining he is an alien, the episode is less than memorable.'
— Alan Pergament, The Buffalo News
'I liked the wedding scene, even if it was a little disturbing to see Ghost Pa _____ in the pews, and even if _____ and _____ didn't actually get married. The image of _____ walking ____ down the aisle was simple and sweet, and it was more emotional and compelling than all the tiring relationship drama we had to watch at the start of the episode.' — Mike Moody, aoltv
'The End'
'_____ ended tonight, and with it the hopes and dreams of millions of people who thought it might finally get good again. SPOILER ALERT: It didn't. What did we learn? Nothing. We learned nothing from two-and-a-half hours of slow-motion [expletive deleted] backed with a syrupy soundtrack.'
— Max Reid, Gawker
'After a brief inner struggle, _____ puts the gun to his head and a gunshot is heard. His brother, ____, runs in and gasps, 'Oh my God!' and the series ends. A nation of housewives who tuned in every week for sexy backstabbing and plot twists, watched the show end with a demon-induced brain splattering....In classic _____ style, they negated the most interesting thing that happened in the name of churning out more ____ [post series movies]. Apparently, _____ quickly turned the gun away and shot a mirror (you know, the kind that doesn't make a shattering sound when you shoot it). And the horrified, my-brother-just-shot-himself look on _____'s face was simply because that was his favorite mirror.' —

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