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Can you name the 15 worst states to retire in according to Kiplinger?

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% pop, income, and med expenses: 65+StateFurther Information
% of population 65+
average income for 65+
ave health costs for retired
US average % population 65+: 14.5%
US average income 65+: $50,291
US average retirement medical costs: $387,731
15) 13.6% $43,623 $387,007Taxes Social Security benefits the same as the feds. Most other retirement income, including military, also taxable. On plus size, third-healthiest in country for seniors.
14) 16.8% $38,917 $370,403Despite below-average living costs and positive tax rating, it is ranked as eighth-worst state in terms of fiscal soundness. Rocky terrain can offer problems for retirees. Only 29.5% of older adults enjoy very good health (41.8% nationwide)
13) 17.0% $38,504 $367,832Social Security benefits are not taxed, but most other retirement income is. Estate tax. Ninth-worst state in terms of fiscal soundness. Above-average living costs.
12) 14.0% $39,935 $384,3173rd-worst health in US for 65+, blame limited access to low-cost, nutritious food, & few quality nursing homes. Physical inactivity for 65+ 40.2% (33.1% US). 11.4% of 65+ inpoverty (9.4% US). 45th in country for fiscal soundness. But Social Security benefits and $41,110 of other retirement income, are exempt from state taxes.
11) 13.6% $39,260 $388,954Below-average living expenses, well-below-average 65+ income. Most retirement income other than SS taxed at ordinary rates. 10th worst health ranking in US.
10) 14.4% $37,673 $387,705High living costs and second-lowest household income for seniors. Other than Social Security benefits, most retirement income is subject to taxation (with breaks for low-income residents.) But there is an abundance of excellent health care facilities.
9) 15.7% $42,599 $373,830Social Security and most retirement income taxed: top tax rate 8.95%. High living costs, below-average incomes. But does have the healthiest seniors in the country.
8) 15.7% $36,933 $377,877Average income for 65+ households, lowest in the nation. Taxes most forms of retirement income. Top rate of 6.9% kicks in once taxable income tops just $17,000.
7) 15.1% $55,802 $392,5927% sales tax, and most sources of retirement income were taxed at ordinary rates, though in 2016 the state began to give a break on Social Security. Above average income for seniors, but also above-average cost of living, 13% above US average.
6) 14.4% $61,436 $413,007High income, but cost of living 17% above US average, 2nd highest retirement health care costs in US. Other than Social Security, retirement income taxed at 5.1%.
5) 13.2% $51,079 $398,927State has long-term debts, unfunded pension liabilities, big budget imbalances, and its credit rating is near-junk status. So even though tax distributions from many retirement sources, including 401 (k) plans and IRAs are not taxed, that may not last. State + local sales tax top 10% in some areas and are heading higher.
4) 14.8% $63,726 $402,594Real estate taxes, 2nd-highest in US. Some Social Security, most other retirement income fully taxed with no exemptions. Ranks 47th for fiscal soundness, so taxes not likely to go down. 2nd-highest living costs in the country, 29% above average.
3) 12.1% $62,003 $394,831Except for Social Security, retirement income is fully taxed, and the state has the highest state income tax rates in the nation (top rate of 13.3%). State sales taxes, combined with local levies can reach 10%. 1 in 10 Californians 65+ live in poverty.
2) 14.1% $66,409 $403,420Cost of living, 4th-highest, 22% above national average. State and local tax burden 2nd-highest in US. Estate and inheritance tax. 2nd-worst for fiscal soundness.
1) 14.1% $63,174 $397,107Cost of living 2nd highest, 29% above US average. In one area of largest city, 127.4% above US average. High average income, but poverty rate of 65+, 11.4%.

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