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Can you name the missing words to what has been described as the worst scene in the Shakespearean canon, from Cymbeline 5:4?

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Jupiter descends in thunder and lightning,
sitting upon an eagle. He throws a thunderbolt.
The Ghosts fall on their knees.
No more, you _____ spirits of region low,trivial
Offend out hearing! Hush. How dare you _____spirits of the dead
Accuse the Thunderer, whose _____, you know,Jupiters symbol
Sky-planted, batters all rebelling _____.seashores
Poor shadows of _____, hence, and restAbode of the dead
Upon your never-withering _____ of flowers.savings and loan institutions?
Be not with _____ accidents oppressed.subject to death
No care of yours it is; you know 'tis _____.royal 'mine'
Whom best I love I cross, to make my _____,present
The more delayed, _____. Be content.happy
Your low-laid son our _____ will uplift.not the Christian trinity!
His comforts thrive, his _____ well are spent.tribulations
Our Jovial star reigned at his _____, and innativity
Our temple was he married. _____, and fade.get up
He shall be lord of _____ Imogen,female lord
_____ happier much by his affliction made.conjunction
He hands Sicilius a tablet
This tablet lay upon his _____, whereinchest
Our pleasure his _____ fortune doth
And so _____. No farther with you dinleave
_____ impatience, lest you stir up mine.--show
Mount, _____, to my palace crystalline.bird, symbol of Rome
He came in thunder. His _____ breathheavenly
Was sulphurous to smell. The _____ eaglesacred
Stooped as to foot us. His _____ isclimb, going up
More weet than our blest fields; his _____ birdregal
Preens the _____ wing and cloys his beak,never dying
As when his _____ is pleased.deity
_____, Jupiterexpression of gratitude
The marble pavement _____; he is enteredshuts
His _____ roof. Away, and, to be blest,shining
Let us with care _____ his great behest.accomplish
He places the tablet on Posthumus' breast.
They vanish.

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