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Can you name the Words with a letter sound, not containing that letter?

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Sounded letterWordHint
Aa bunch of flowers
Ba letter, a president
Cthere are 'seven' of them
Dthe older spelling of an oriental religion
Eif you are this and you know it, clap your hands
Gholy war
Hthe physical world
Ian organ of sight
Jnot in the center
Kwaterside platform where boats can be loaded or unloaded
La letter, a president
Myou have two of them to spoil you, though sometimes they can be ornery
Sounded letterWordHint
Ncorporate manager responsible for the firm's accounting activities
Oa boyfriend
Pif you have this, you often hold your breath
Qprompt or reminder
Ra full-bird?
Ti failed to keep my appointment
Ua female sheep
VMice and Men...what's missing?
Xthey are needed for black jack
YGod gave it to make the heart of man merry
Zan instrument

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