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Can you name the Words with a letter, but the letter's sound is unpronounced, (N-Z)?

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Unpronounced letter; hintWordPronunciation
N: It can be doric
N: A Mighty Fortress is Our God
N: Mr. in French
O: Sporclers of debate the difference between this and a nation
O: Dr. Frankenstein had one
O: A wise fool
O: my peeps
P: Old Mother Hubbard went here
P: study of human mind
P: a written or printed acknowledgment that things such as sums of money have been given to the person who issues the acknowledgment
Q: glossy synthetic coating
Q: lightweight implement consisting of a netting stretched in a usually oval open frame with a handle attached
R: French title of honor: used as the title of members of the French Legion of Honor and of other orders
R: front part of ship: the space at the front end of a ship below the main deck, traditionally where the crew's quarters were located
R: Borough of west-central England on the Severn River south-southwest of Birmingham; Oliver Cromwell and the Parliamentarian army gained their final victory over Charles II King C
S: fragments of something that has been destroyed or broken into pieces
S: No man is this unto himself
Unpronounced letter; hintWordPronunciation
S: British nobleman of a rank above baron
T: food expert
T: make conscious effort to hear
T: Emperor of Russia
U: circular path
U: who would think that something made primarily out of flour and water could taste so gooe?
U: calculate or evaluate something
V: a coin worth five cents
W: response to a question
W: there is tea for this, and there is this for tea
W: carpus
X: if you pick you nose at a state dinner, you have committed one of these!
X: event where people watch shiny object go around and around and around and around
X: a nation of Native American tribes
Y: yes, yes, a thousand times I will vote yes!
Y: supplication to a deity
Z: a meeting

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