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Can you name the Kings Pangloss Cites for Preferring the Simple Life of a Farmer, to that of a King?

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Dates, KingdomKing or RulerSorrow
 ' ' comments from book ( ) comments added
King of Moag who oppressed Israel
in the time of the Book of Judges
'assassinated by Aod'
Third son of King David, proclaimed himself king'hung by the hair of his head,
and pierced with three darts'
Second King of the northern Israelite Kingdom of Israel
901 - 900 BC
'son of Jeroboam, slain by Baaza'
King of Israel
877 - 876 BC
'by Zimri' (who reigned in his stead)
King of Judah
840's BC
'by Jehu' (after reigning for one year)
Queen consort of Judah as the wife of King Jehoram
queen six years
842–837 BC
'by Jehoiada'
(executed after rightful heir
Joash was proclaimed king)
King of Judah
635 - 597 BC
'enslaved' (by Nebuchadnezzar II)
King of Judah
598 - 597 BC
(after 3 month reign, by Nebuchadnezzar II)
King of Judah
606 - 586 BC
'enslaved' (by Nebuchadnezzar II)
+++++From here, Pangloss lists the rest ofwithout comment+++++
King of Lydia
560 - 547 BC
Cyrus of Persia defeated him, and burned him and his family; some accounts have Apollo rescuing him
The last King of the Median Empire
585 -550 BC
detrhroned by his own grandson, Cyrus;
some accounts have him executed, some in a comfortable prison, and some as a governor
King of the Persian Achaemenid Empire
522 - 486 BC
after the last of many rebellions, this ruler
died as a result of his weakened state.
Greek tyrant of Syracuse, in what is now Sicily
407 - 367
poisoned by his physicians at the instigation of his son, who succeeded him as ruler of Syracuse;
other reports say he drank himself to death
King of the Greek tribe of Molossians, of the royal Aeacid house and later (306), king of Epirus and Macedon
297 – 302 BC
during a confused battle in the narrow city streets of Argos, he was trapped; an old Argead woman watching from a rooftop threw a tile which stunned him, allowing an Argive soldier to behead him
Legendary founder of Mycenae and
of the Perseid dynasty of Danaans
the mythological figure was killed by his half brother, Megapenthes; the historical figure spent his last years as a captive of the Romans
Punic Carthaginian military commander
died about 182 BC
took poison to avoid being captured by the Romans
King of Numidia
118-104 BC
paraded through the streets in Gaius Marius' Triumph after which his royal robes were removed and his earrings were ripped off, losing an ear lobe in the process; he was then thrown into the Tullianum where he died of starvation
'King of [the] Germans';
leader of the Suebi and other allied Germanic peoples
died 54 BC
defeated by Julius Caesar, he fled,
dying shortly thereafter; Tacitus suggests
he possibly hung himself in disgrace
Dictator of the Roman Republic
49-44 BC
Assassinated on the Ides of March
Military and political leader of the late Roman Republic
70-51 BC (non-consecutive terms as Consul)
headed for what appeared to be a welcoming party on the Egyptian shore, he was stabbed to death by his betrayers, Achillas, Septimius and Salvius
Emperor of Rome
condemned as a public enemy by the Senate, abandoned by his guard, forced his private secretary, Epaphroditos, to kill him
Emperor of Rome
committed suicide, possibly to spare
the empire from a civil war
Emperor of Rome
dragged from his hiding place, beheaded, head paraded around Rome, body thrown in the Tiber
Emperor of Rome
assassinated in a palace
conspiracy organized by court official
King of England
forced to abdicate, imprisoned in the Tower of London; after a failed plot against the life of Henry, he was executed, possibly by starvation
King of England
forced to abdicate, imprisoned in Berkeley Castle, and possibly executed
King of England
in his latter years, he had a disfiguring skin disease and, more seriously, suffered acute attacks of some grave illness over the last eight years of his life
King of England
the last English king to die in battle as well as the only one to have been killed on home soil since Harold II at the Battle of Hastings in 1066
Queen regnant of Scotland; Queen consort of France
1542-1567; 1559-1560
confined in a number of castles and manor houses in the interior of England for eighteen and a half years, she was eventually executed
King of England, Scotland, and Ireland
tried, convicted, and executed for high treason, ending, for a time, the monarchy in England
Monarch of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth;
King of France
1573-1575; 1574-1589
assassinated by a young fanatical Dominican friar, Jacques Clément
King of Navarre; King of France
1572 -1610; 1589-1610
escaped at least 12 assassination attempts, finally assassinated by the third attempt on his life by a Catholic fanatic, François Ravaillac
Founder of the Catholic League;
Lieutenant-General of France
assassinated by 'the Forty-five',
the king's bodyguard
King of the Germans, also styled
King of the Romans and Holy Roman Emperor
excommunicated by the pope, forced to resign and imprisoned by his son, he managed to escape and defeat his son, only to die of an illness, shortly thereafter

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