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1777 - 1791Members of this republic fought in the Revolution considering themselves American, though Congress due to procedural reasons, did not recognize them. They made a brief overture to join Quebec. They minted coins and their constitution was the first in the New World to proscribe slavery.
1784 - 1788This republic resulted from both a cession (an offering from North Carolina to Congress) and a secession (seceding from North Carolina when the original cession was rescinded). For much of its existence, a parallel governmental structure run by North Carolina existed. There was a failed attempt to become the 14th state.
1799 - 1803This proclaimed sovereign nation, with a 3-ship navy, located in Florida was led by William Augustus Bowles, a Loyalist veteran of the American Revolutionary War who lived among the Native Americans. He envisioned uniting the American Indians of the Southeast into a single nation that could resist the expansion of the United States.
1810American and British settlers took advantage of the dispute between Spain and America as to whether their land was included in the Louisiana Purchase, and proclaimed themselves independent. Though opposing annexation, faced with a military governor sent by the president, the government capitulated to Madison's demands.
1832 - 1835300 citizens declared their independence when both the US and Britain, arguing about the terms of the Treaty of Paris, both taxed the disputed region. When a party invaded Canada over a citizen being imprisoned over a hardware-store debt, England dropped its claims. The citizens then voluntarily returned to the authority of the US.
June - July 1846American immigrants who had entered the region without permission, revolted against Mexico after being threatened with sanctions. The gained control of a region north of San Francisco Bay, declared independence, but willingly submitted to American forces upon their arrival.
1861 - 1865The government was established by seven slave states (with others following) that seceded from the union after the election of Lincoln. Civil war ensued. Britain and France granted it belligerent status.

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