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TitleWhat is the alternative title of Twelfth Night?
1:1:1-40Orsino is pining away because he is in unrequited love with Olivia who is in mourning following the deaths of her father and brother; for how long does she say she will remain cloistered?
1:2:1-60Viola survives a shipwreck, but fears her twin brother may have perished; she goes to Orsino's seeking employment disguised as what?
1:3:1-126After Maria and Sir Toby Belch banter with each other, then tease Sir Andrew Aguecheek, who does Toby convince Andrew that he might successfully woo?
1:4:1-41Viola, disguised as Cesario, has become a favorite of Orsino, who sends her to woo Olivia; Viola agrees even though she confides to the audience she is in love with whom?
1:5:1-294After Feste the fool or clown matches wits with Maria and then Olivia, Viola appears, and woos Olivia for Orsino; who falls in love with Viola?
2:2:1-40Viola realizes that Olivia loves her; Malvolio hurries to catch up to her, invites her to return to report Orsino's reaction, and returns what object Olivia claimed that Viola left?
2:3:1-176After Malvolio chastises Toby, Feste, and Andrew for their drunken festivities, threatening to have them put out of the house, Maria comes up with a plan; who will they make Malvolio believe is in love with him?
2:4:1-40Orsino notes that Viola seems to be in love, he asks her how old her beloved is; when she answers about his age, not realizing he is her beloved, what does he say she should look for?
2:4:78-124Orsino sends Viola to court Olivia again, and Olivia tries to dissuade him asking him to imagine a woman who loved him as much as he loves Olivia; when Orsino says women are incapable of such love, Viola tells him of her father's daughter who pined for a man as much; when Orsino asks if she died from her unrequited love, Olivia responds that she is now the only what that her father has?
2:5:1-195Malvolio finds the love letter supposedly from Olivia which tells him to act in a very strange manner; it also instructs him to wear his garters crossed, and stockings of what color?
3:1:89-157When Olivia professes her love to Viola, Viola says that no woman will be mistress of her heart except who?
3:2:1-59When Andrew contemplates leaving again because Olivia seems to prefer Viola (still disguised as Cesario), Toby suggests Olivia is doing it to make Andrew jealous; he suggests Andrew challenge Olivia to what?
3:3:1-49Though Viola's twin brother protested, Antonio follows Sebastian to Illyria even though he is in danger of being arrested by whom?
3:4:1-134When Malvolio shows up grinning, wearing ridiculous clothing, and quoting from the letter he though was from Olivia, what does she think he is?
3:4:135-372After being courted by Olivia and finding herself in a duel, who rescues Viola, and is then astonished because she, still in disguise, will not return the money he believes he has given to her?
4:1:1-62After Toby, who Sebastian has never seen before, picks, and looses a fight with him, who also appears to know Sebastian, and requests he come to her house?
4:2:1-127As Maria and Toby have Malvolio bound what does Feste the Fool dress up as to interrogate Malvolio, pretending he is insane or possessed; Malvolio clings to his insistence he is sane?
4:3:1-35What does Olivia convince a still confused Sebastian to do with her?
5:1:46-68What former enemy of Orsino does Viola identify to the duke as the man who rescued her?
5:1:69-97When he claims that Viola had refused to return money entrusted to her, and tells the story of how they journeyed to Illyria, Orsino asks when they arrived, knowing that Viola has been there for three months; when does Orsino's former enemy say he arrived with Viola?
5:1:98-169When Olivia tells Orsino what she and Viola had done, and Viola denies it, Orsino at first refuses to believe; who does Olivia produce as a witness, convincing Orsino who tells Viola he never wants to see her again?
5:1:170-209Andrew comes in complaining Viola had injured him, which Viola denies; who enters confessing he had committed the injury in self-defense?
5:1:210-274As the congregation begins to realize that Viola and Sebastian are two different people, that Viola does love Orsino, and that Olivia had been betrothed to Sebastian, what does Orsino ask Viola to put on?
5:1:275-310What does Malvolio produce, which makes the plot plain to Olivia; he leaves acquitted, but infuriated?

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