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Can you answer the questions about the plot of Troilus and Cressida?

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1:1:1-106As Troilus refuses to join the fight because he is lovesick for Cressida, who, acting as an intermediary between the two does he have words with, and then complains about, because the intermediary needs wooing as much as Cressida?
1:1:107-120Whose reported wound in battle spurs Troilus to take to the field?
1:2:41-322Who does Pandarus compare to many Greek and Trojan warriors, pointing out to Cressida his supposed superiority?
1:3:79-188Whose refusal to fight does Ulysses say has contributed to a lack of order and morale in the Trojan army?
1:3:219-399Aeneas comes to the Trojan camp with a challenge from Hector. Ulysses argues against sending their best warrior: If he wins he will become even more arrogant, if he looses Trojan morale will suffer. Whom does he suggest meet Hector in battle?
2:1:1-134What servant refuses to read to Ajax the post about the challenge, and curses him, demonstrating the lack of order among the lower classes in the Greek camp.
2:2:1-103Whom do the Trojans briefly consider returning to the Greeks, an act which would have brought an end to the war?
2:2:105-119What does Cassandra, say will happen to Troy if the aforementioned is not returned.
2:2:119-140Why does Troilus say they should not heed Cassandra?
2:3:72-278As Agammemnon, Ulysses, and the others approach, where does Achilles go, refusing to see them?
3:1:42-146When Pandarus asks for Troilus to be excused from supper, but refuses to say why, who reveals that through spies, they know of Troilus' love for Cressida and wish them success?
3:2:39-213When Pandarus finally gets Troilus and Cressida together, they pledge their love before a night of passion. Cressida says that if she is ever unfaithful to Troilus she hopes that her unfaithfulness will be so famous that if ever a future woman betrays her love people will say she is 'As _____ as Cressida'.
3:3:1-38What Trojan traitor asks the Greeks to offer to exchange their Trojan prisoner Antenor for Cressida?
3:39-327After he is ignored by his fellow Greeks and realizes that his absence from battle has risked his reputation, who does Achilles request to be allowed to come to his tent?
4:4:70-74Troilus and Cressida, as they part, exchange tokens. Cressida gives Troilus a glove. What does Troilus give to Cressida?
4:5:1-72After Cressida and Troilus pledge faithfulness to each other, and Cressida is brought to the Greek camp, what does she do to all of the Greek generals save Menelaus and Ulysses?
4:5:73-107To whom is Ajax related, prompting comments that his heart will not be in the fight?
4:5:126-154The much anticipated fight between Ajax and Hector is over very quickly. What is the outcome?
4:5:155-324After the battle the Greeks and Trojans feast together. Who tells Troilus not only where Cresida is, but agrees to take him there after he tells him that Diomedes has amorous desires on her?
5:1:1-48After Achilles has bragged about what he will do when he finally enters into the upcoming battle, from whom does he receive a letter, reminding him of a promise not to fight, causing him to say that he will not battle the Trojans?
5:2:1-129While Troilus watches in secret, Cressida alternatively rejects Diomedes' advances and begs him not to leave. What does she finally give him to wear in battle?
5:3:1-105Andromache, Hectors' wife, has a dream boding ill for the Trojans. She and Hectors mother beg him not to go to battle. Who do they enlist to also try to convince Hector to refrain from the fight?
5:3:32-105Hector refuses to be persuaded to abstain from battle, but who does he try to convince to sit it out?
5:4:1-5:5After meeting Troilus in battle, what does Diomedes send to Cressida?
5:5:1-51As the Trojans slaughter the Greeks, whose body does Nestor send to Achilles, convincing him, along with Ajax, to join the battle?
5:6:15-23When Hector and Achilles meet in battle, who prevails, but spares the life of the other?
5:9:1-23Who finds Hector unarmed, kills him, and drags his body through the field?
5:11:34-36After having fought bravely in the field, who does Troilus meet on his return to Troy and revile?

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