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Climatic, decisive defeatFrom the site of the naval battle in 31 B.C. where Marc Antony and Cleopatra suffered a major setback at the hands of Octavian
Any rich immoral cityAfter the imperial capital of the same-named empire in present-day Iraq; its name means 'luxurious or immoral'
Small fortress or a prisonAfter a former Paris prison
Unconventional, nonconforming person, especially an artist, writer, or intellectualAfter a region in present-day Czech Republic
Person who loves dishonest, luxurious livingFrom the ancient Greek city known for its wealth and sinfulness
One who distrusts the motives of othersProbably after the gymnasium where such a group taught
Any secret police or any authority considered to be brutal and heartlessFrom the acronym for the Nazi secret police force
Any strong fortificationAfter the British colony on a peninsula at the southern tip of Spain
Any prison or forced labor camp or any place or situation of hardshipFrom the Russian acronym meaning Chief Administration of Corrective Labor Camps
Writing hard to decipherFrom the symbols or characters used by the ancient Egyptians
Homosexual femaleAfter the Grecian island and home of the lyric poet Sappho
Purplish red or purplish-red dye resembling the color of bloodAfter the Italian town where the French and Austrians fought a bloody battle in 1859
Any long-distance contest or siege requiring enduranceAfter a plain in Greece, site of the 490 BC battle at which the Greeks defeated the forces of Persian king Darius and from which a messenger ran 25 miles to Athens to deliver news of the victory
A site of a mass suicideAfter the mountain top fortress in southern Israel where a Zealot Jewish sect committed mass suicide in 72-73 BC to avoid capture by the Romans
Very wealthy and prominent manAfter the title of the provincial governors of the Mogul Empire
Public building where a nation's famous dead are buriedAfter a temple in Italy to all the gods
Bodyguard or inner circle of advisersFrom the personal guard of the Roman emperors established by Augustus, 27 BC and disbanded by Constantine, AD 312
To kidnap, usually by drugging, for service as a sailorAfter a port in China
Bluish red, or bluish-red dye resembling the color of bloodAfter a village in Italy from the discovery of a dye of this color in 1859, the year a battle was fought there
Any unregulated, secret meeting of a court of justice or inquisitorial bodyOriginally designating the harsh, arbitrary English tribunal that held secret sessions in a Westminster chamber ornamented with stars
Person to whom another tells his problems, or a source of consolationAfter a Jerusalem holy shrine, surviving part of the Temple, where Jews go to pray and place notes in its cracks
Betrayal of Western valuesAfter the 1945 meeting at a Russian resort on the Black Sea between Churchill and an ailing FDR, who some criticize for having 'sold out' Eastern Europe to Stalin

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