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Can you pick the top 20 commonly confused words from their definition?

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If you treat convention with disdain, are you (A) 'flouting' or (B) 'flaunting' the rules?
Does the weather (A) 'effect' or (B) 'affect' your mood?
If you receive an appropriate punishment, did you get your (A) 'just deserts' or (B) 'just desserts'?
Do you buy your writing paper in a store that sells (A) 'stationary' or (B) 'stationery'?
If you're getting shot at by antiaircraft guns, or receiving unfriendly criticism, are you taking (A) 'flak' or (B) 'flack'?
The car won't start because (A) 'its' battery, or (B) 'it's' battery, is dead?
When you're attentively studying, are you (A) 'poring' over or (B) 'pouring' over
the materials?
Does the average American family have (A) 'less' than two kids or (B) 'fewer' than two kids?
If your ship fills with water and sinks, does it (A) 'flounder' or (B) 'founder'?
Is the person in charge of a school the (A) 'principal' or (B) the 'principle'?
To provide more details, should you (A) 'flush out' or (B) 'flesh out' your plan?
Do your shoes (A) 'compliment' or (B) 'complement'
your outfit?
Do the appetizers (A) 'precede' or (B) 'proceed' the main course?
He does nothing (A) 'accept' or (B) 'except' complain?
Is this room hotter (A) 'than' or (B) 'then' a sauna?
Is an overly-elaborate plan best described as (A) 'torturous' or (B) 'tortuous'?
Is danger (A) 'imminent' or (B) 'eminent'?
Does the process involve a number of (A) 'discrete' or (B) 'discreet' steps?
Does the harassing manager (A) 'prosecute' or (B) 'persecute' the minority employees?
Did the speaker (A) 'loose' or (B) 'lose' his train of thought?

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