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Summer Wordhint
 People gave the Pluto Platter this nickname, after a similarly shaped pie tin that was also
tossed about. Wham-O bought the rights to the toy in 1957, and made the nickname official.
 This is named after a marsh plant whose roots were used to make medicinal syrup and ointment.
Eventually, that same sap became a source of candy. Today's incarnation is untouched by root sap.
It's made from corn syrup, gelatin, egg whites, and sugar.
 The name of this lowly yellow plant comes from the French for 'lion's tooth.'
 This word comes from the West Indies Arawakan tribe's wooden racks used to dry meat.
The term soon came to mean cooking the meat slowly over an indirect source of heat.
 This two-word term means 'sultry, summer weather' and also 'a period of stagnation or inactivity.'
It refers to the warmest time of the year, when Sirius reappears in the northern skies.
 This all-American condiment started out as a spicy, fermented fish sauce in Malaysia.
 This occurs on the longest day of the year. Its name from a Latin word that means 'sun standing still.'
 In 18th century England, this referred to a potluck, and unlike today, was just as likely to have been indoors.
 This word derives from the Latin for 'to blow' – suggesting vapors released by the body.
It emerged in the 1600s as a gentler alternative to the much older word sweat.
 The roots of this word is Latin for freedom. Originally, it simply meant 'a respite from something.'
In the late 1800s American English gave it the sense it enjoys today – 'a break from regular work.'

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