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nail-biting suspense, droll humor, cool patrician blondesOne of the few directors who was able to
'brand' himself with the American public.
silent-movie slapstick,
tears-and-laughter pathos.
Score points with film aficionados by noting
that he was the first true genius of cinema.
celebration and eventual triumph of the average guy, sentimentalismProbably the first nonactor movie director
to be known by the general public.
cinematic pyrotechnics done to technical and dramatic perfectionSpoiler alert: it's a sled!
irony, emotional aloofness, deliberate pacingDon't even try deciphering what the finale with the Star Child means.
poetic neorealism, surrealism, and sometimes just plain weirdismCarl Jung's ideas about the collective unconscious
helped inspire the dreamlike images in many of his films.
deep, dark, depressingNever play chess with someone who introduces himself as Death.
Audacious, minimalist, unwatchableAccording to legend, when 'Sleep' – an eight-hour static shot of
a man snoozing in bed – played in a Los Angeles theater in 1963,
500 people started watching it and 50 remained at the end.
exhilarating, over-the-top action sequences, childlike wonder, feel-good endingsAnd audience members who still fear deep water, even in pools.
montage, montage, montageClaim that you have studied the Odessa Steps scene frame by frame;
some scholars actually have.

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