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Year, Director, Star(s)FilmDescription
10) 1993
Harold Ramis
Bill Murray
Andie MacDowell
Comedy. Captures a snarky cynicism that comes when covering the same type of story over and over again. Whenever news crews are covering the same story for three or four days in a row, you will inevitably hear some one mention this film.
9) 1940
George Cukor
Cary Grant
Katharine Hepburn
James Stewart
Romantic comedy. Long before tabloids mined telephone messages to dig up dirt on celebrities, this movie spotlighted the public’s fascination with the foibles of the rich and famous. It also points to the crafty lengths the gossip pages will employ to achieve their ends.
8) 1940
Howard Hawks
Cary Grant
Rosalind Russell
Screwball comedy. This zany comedy brings to light one of the big dichotomies of covering news: the fantasy of a simple, everyday life versus the adrenalin driven, fast track lifestyle following the top stories. Ironically, covering news is a business that many people in the industry just love to hate.
7) 1942
George Stevens
Spencer Tracy
Katharine Hepburn
Romantic comedy. Though controversial when the movie was made, it still has relevance today. This film holds a particular delight for professional couples, and those in the news business, who are trying to balance a busy career with family responsibilities, especially the issue of childcare.
6) 1999
Michael Mann
Al Pacino
Russell Crowe
Drama. The movie is based on a true story detailing the efforts of 60 Minutes’ producer, Lowell Bergman in his pursuit to obtain and air an interview with Jeffrey Wigand.
5) 1987
James L. Brooks
William Hurt
Albert Brooks
Holly Hunter
Romantic comedy-drama. The film begins with three very clever personality studies. The opening scenes depict the main characters as children, suggesting that producer Jane Craig, reporter Aaron Altman, and anchorman Tom Grunick are destined from early on to fill their positions at the network.
4) 1984
Roland Joffé
Sam Waterston
John Malkovich
British drama. Based on the real life stories of New York Times correspondent, Sydney Schanberg, and local Cambodian journalist, Dith Pran, the film sheds light on the tremendous risks and sacrifices of their role, often putting their life on the line to bring the story to the American public with little or no recognition of their contribution.
3) 1976
Alan J. Pakula
Robert Redford
Dustin Hoffman
Political thriller. In addition to being a riveting cinematic drama, the film depicts the meticulous nature of the perhaps the most consequential piece of investigative journalism in the history of the United States.
2) 1976
Sidney Lumet
Faye Dunaway
William Holden
Satirical film. One sentence:
“I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!'
1) 1941
Orson Welles
Orson Welles
Drama. One word: 'Rosebud.'

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