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Can you answer the questions about the plot of Titus Andronicus?

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Act: Scene: LineAnswerHint
1:1:1-63As Saturninus argues for his birth right to be emperor and his brother Bassianus argues for his virtue to be rewarded with the crown, who does Marcus put forward as the preferred candidate of a party of the people?
1:1:70-90Titus returns to bury two sons who died in the war with the Goths. How many of his 25 sons were killed in battle?
1:1:96-147The eldest son of whom is put to death by dismemberment, disemboweling, and burning, as part of the 'civilized' Roman code of retribution for the death of Titus' son?
1:1:169-235When informed that he was chosen to be emperor, who does Titus Andronicus support to be emperor in place of himself?
1:1:236-278In gratitude for his support, who does the new emperor pledge to marry?
1:1:279-286Who objects to the marriage, because he intends to marry the proposed bride of the emperor?
1:1:285-302As Titus' sons help the intended bride to escape, one of them, Mutius is stabbed to death. Who killed him?
1:1:303-505In lieu of his intended bride, whom does the new emperor marry? The new bride counsels publicly forgiveness for Titus' family, but secretly tells the emperor they will get their revenge.
2:1:26-143As Tamora's sons, Demetrius and Chiron, argue about who should have Lavinia, Tamora's lover Aaron chides them both, and suggests that they work together and do what to Lavinia?
2:2:1-29Titus rouses the imperial household to join him in what activity?
2:3:1-9What does Aaron bury by a tree as part of a plot to implicate Titus' sons in a plot?
2:3:10-47What does Aaron give to Tamora, to give to the emperor, implicating further Titus' sons?
2:3:48-187Who, with Lavinia, sees Tamora and Aaron in a compromising position, and is killed and thrown into a pit?
2:3:193-308Who falls into the aforementioned pit, and discovered by the emperor are accused and are accused of murder due in large part to the contrived false evidence?
2:4:1-40After rapingLavinia, what do Demetrius and Chiron cut off?
3:1:1-59As Titus is pleading for his sons lives, his remaining son Lucius tells him he had attempted to rescue his brothers. What punishment is given to Lucius?
3:1:153-293Aaron tells Titus that if Titus cuts off his own hand and sends it to the emperor, his sons lives will be spared. After Titus does so, what is sent back to him as a mockery, causing Titus to laugh inappropriately?
3:1:294-306To whom does Lucius go to raise an army?
4:1:1-130Lavinia finally communicates what had happened to her through using Ovid, and writing the names of her attackers with a staff in what?
4:2:1-49As Titus sends a gift and cryptic message to Demetrius and Chiron who fail to understand its import, who does realize that Titus knows the identity of Lavinia's attackers?
4:2:50-155The empress delivers a black baby, fathered by Aaron, and instructs Aaron to kill the child. Aaron refuses, and instead kills who to help keep the secret safe?
4:2:156-186After arranging for a white baby to be substituted for his offspring, to where does Aaron send his son?
4:3, 4; 5:2As the emperor learns that Lucius is approaching Rome with an army and fears the people will make him emperor, Tamora and her sons go to Titus to attempt to convince him to bring Lucius to his house. Her sons pretend to be 'Murder' and 'Rape'. What does Tamora pretend to be, in an attempt to play on Titus' supposed insanity?
5:1:20-153Who is captured, and relates to Lucius all of the evil deeds he orchestrated, in order to save the life of his child?
5:2:125-210Tamora promises Titus to help him seek revenge on his enemies, she leaves, but her sons stay with Titus. Titus kills them and plans to make their blood and ground bones into a pie-crust. What word, a double-entendre, is used to describe this crust?
5:3:1-30To whom does Titus feed the pies made of Demetrius and Chiron?
5:3:30-47Answering a question from Titus, Saturninus says it was right that Virgininius killed his daughter who had been raped, because it is not right that a girl should survive her shame. Who kills Lavinia?
5:3:48-64After revealing that she had eaten her children, who kills Tamora?
5:3:65Who kills Titus?
5:3:66Who kills the emperor?
5:3:67-150Who is proclaimed emperor?
5:3:178-192Who is ordered buried up to his waist, and left to starve to death?

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