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1:1:1-109As the painter, poet, jeweler, and senators are discussing the generosity of Timon, and the items they wish to sell him or procure from him, what does the poet warn may change, leaving Timon bereft of the friends he seems to have now?
1:1:110-127When Timon enters he offers 5 talents to Ventidius' servant to get Ventidius out of what?
1:1:128-176Timon gives an old man three talents, so that Lucilius (Timon's servant) can do what? This prompts expressions of never ending gratitude from Lucilius.
1:1:177-319As Timon is purchasing a painting, jewel, and poem, Apemantus comes in criticizing the flatterers of Timon and calls all Athenians what?
1:2:1-74After Ventidius, who has become wealthy, proclaims his gratitude, and Timon refuses repayment, who says he will not eat at Timon's feast, but will come to watch the flatterers?
1:2:164-267What does Timon give to many of his guests, causing his servant Flavius to lament that Timon is running out of money; and when he tries to warn Timon he is ignored?
2:1:1-55As rumors of Timon's financial difficulties spread what do many of his creditors send their servants to collect, instructing them not to take NO for an answer?
2:1:95-138Who chastises the servants of Timon's debtors, berating them as fools and saying usurers have people coming to them happily, but leave saddened, while his 'mistress' a madame has people coming to her in sadness, but leaving happy?
2:1:139-207Who does Timon chastise for not telling him of his predicament? That person points out he tried to tell him but was rebuffed and adds that his 'friends' were 'feast-won, fast-lost'; though Timon insists his friends will prove faithful.
3:1:1-67After Lucullus tells Flaminius, one of Timon's servants, that he won't help Timon on the basis of merely friendship, without security, and offers a bribe to the servant to say that they never met, what does Flaminius do with the coins?
3:2:1-65When Lucius hears of Lucullus' refusal he refuses to believe it, saying he would be generous to such a good man. How much does he give to Servilius, Timon's servant sent to ask for help?
3:3:1-44Sempronius also refuses Timon's servant, and then says he is angered by not being asked what?
3:4:1-43What does Titus comment that Lucius was wearing, given him by Timon, as he demanded that Titus repay his debt?
3:4:44-131As all of his creditors are clamoring for repayment, who does Timon summon for a feast, against the objections of Flavius?
3:5:1-125What punishment does Alcibiades receive after pleading to the Senate on behalf of a fellow warrior, a punishment that turns him into a foe of Athens?
3:6:1-127At the banquet, Timon graciously meets his guests; what dish does he serve his guests, shortly before attacking them both verbally and physically, announcing himself a hater of all humanity?
4:1, 2After Timon leaves Athens, and Flavius informs his fellow servants, what does Flavius share with them as he says good bye?
4:3:1-52What does Timon find while digging for roots?
4:3:90-98Timon gives some gold to prostitutes, telling them to go to Athens, and spread what?
4:3:99-147Timon gives some gold to Alcibiades to raise an army to attack Athens; what does he tell him to do to the aged, women, virgins, and babes?
4:3:223-446Who meets Timon, offering him food, which is refused, and commending him on his new-found misanthropy, though tells Timon he is a man of extremes?
4:3:447-512Timon gives some gold to bandits; what does he ask them to do?
4:3:513-601Who comes to Timon, offering him the only money he has left, and is praised as the only virtuous man and rewarded with gold, on the condition he curse humanity and show charity to none?
5:1:1-131Who comes to Timon looking for gold, only to be made fun of and sent on a wild goose chase; Timon asks them if they are honest, and they cannot answer?
5:1:132-261Who comes to Timon begging him to come back to Athens to protect them from Alcibiades?
5:3, 4As Alcibiades is offered the city with the provision that he only punish those who had sinned against himself and Timon, whose death is reported accompanied with exclamations of that man's worth?

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