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The Longest...AnswerHint
Longest word with
a single vowel
Starts with s
A reflective person would consider
these along with his weaknesses
Longest heteronymns
Two words that are spelled the same
but are pronounced differently
Starts with u
Organized labor;
Not ionized
Longest grammagrams (3)
Words consisting entirely of letter sounds
Longest grammagrams (3)FMNSE
Longest grammagrams (3)OBDNC
Longest anagrammable words
Two words which use the
same letters, rearranged
(First word)
Starts with c
Those who excel in conversation
Anagram of the following word
Longest anagrammable words
(Second word)
Starts with c
Those who advocate or strongly promote preservation of natural resources and of the environment;
Anagram of the preceding word
Longest word with the vowels aeiou in orderStarts with l
An insect that inhabits Vietnam and Thailand
Longest 'common' word with
the vowels aeiou in order
Starts with a
Sparing or moderate in eating and drinking;
temperate in diet
Longest isogram
A word in which no letter is repeated
Starts with s
17-letter word: describes underlying dermal matrix that determines the patterns, whorls, & arches of fingertips
Longest common isogramStarts with u
That for which no one can obtain copyright
Longest palindromic word
Word spelled the same left to right & right to left
Starts with s
A 19-letter Finnish word designating
a person who sells lye to soap makers;
May be a word that only exists as a curiosity
Longest Native American palindromic wordStarts with k
A Native American smoking product, a mixture of
various leaves or barks with other plant materials
Longest common English palindromic wordStarts with r
9-letter word signifying something
that divides or apportions again
Longest capitonym
A capitalized word that changes
pronunciation when lower-cased
Starts with b
'Opus' and 'Bloom County' cartoonist,
Guy Berkeley 'Berke' _____;
Having breath of a specified kind
Longest one-syllable wordStarts with s
To have stored away for the future.
Sometimes, as here, spelled with 2 l's, and
in some accents, pronounced as 2 syllables
Longest words that are reverse...Starts with d
Sweet endings to a meal
...images of each otherStarts with s
This is what you get sometimes, if you
eat too many sweet endings to a meal
(1st of 1st pair)
Starts with b
What you sit on when ordering an adult beverage
...words with...
(2nd of 1st pair)
Starts with t
A row of icons on a computer screen that are
clicked on to perform frequently used functions
(1st of 2nd pair)
Starts with m
In or with the mind or intellect
(2nd of 2nd pair)
Starts with t
A scorekeeper or recorder
Longest snowball...
(1st word, 1 letter)
The 20th letter of the English alphabet, or
something so shaped
...word: A word...
(2nd word, 2 letters)
Starts with e
A unit of width in the field of typography,
equal to the currently specified point size
...composed of...
(3rd word, 3 letters)
Starts with p
For each; for every; by means of
...words that...
(4th word, 4 letters)
Starts with a
The concluding word of many prayers (So be it)
... increase one...
(5th word, 5 letters)
Starts with t
A reckoning or score or a stick on
which notches are made to keep count
...letter at a time
(The snowball word: put them all together)
Starts with t
Erratic in behavior; unpredictable

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