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1:2:1-3For how many many months has Polixenes been visiting Leontes when Polixenes states it is time for him to return to Bohemia? This may have helped confirm Leontes' suspicion of infidelity between Polixenes and Hermione.
1:2:35-75At the request of Leontes, Hermione convinces Polixenes to stay. She does this by her playful insistence that he will stay, either as a guest or as what else?
1:2:140-183As Leontes begins to wonder if Mamillius is his child, the similarity of what feature of the prince's face to his own seems to bring reassurance?
1:2:374-421After Leontes argues with Camillo, insisting that the affair happened, how does he ask Camillo to kill Polixenes.
1:2:488-555Camillo, after some coaxing, warns Polixenes of the danger. What do they decide to do together?
2:1:47-75After accusing her of adultery, what does Leontes take away from Hermione?
2:1:123-151Despite Hermione's protestations of innocence, to where does Leontes send her and her ladies in waiting/
2:1:152-237As Antigonus and the other lords are defending the queen, to whom does Leontes say he has sent a message for advice?
2:2:1-80Though Paulina is refused the right to see the queen, what does she obtain from her and bring to Leontes?
2:3:1-45Whose illness does Leontes attribute to the dishonor of Hermione?
2:3:115-122What does Leontes at first command should be done to the newborn princess, who he claims is the issue of Polixenes, only to later relent and merely have her abandoned in the wilderness?
3:2:1-6Who will preside over the trial that Leontes claims should convince everyone he is not a tyrant.
3:2:12-152After Hermione gives a touching defense against the charges of treason, adultery, conspiring to murder the king, conspiring to aid the escape of Camillo and Polixenes, the oracle's message arrives, declaring her innocent. What does the judge say about the oracle?
3:2:153-161Whose death is announced shortly after the reply from Delphos is read?
3:2:162-225Who faints at the news of the prior death, is carried away, and reported to have died?
3:2:194-269Who chastises the king, and when she is warned to stop, Leontes says she should continue, because he deserves it?
3:3:1-105Antigonus hasn't heard of the king's repentance. As instructed he abandons the princess in Bohemia, but with treasure for the person who finds and raises her. He also names her Perdita, as a result of a dream. Who or what kills him?
3:3:65-145Who finds Perdita and decides to raise her?
4:2:1-56To where does Camillo plead to be allowed to return, but is denied by King Polixenes who protest that he needs Camillo.
4:3:24-129What biblical parable does Autolycus mimic, in order to rob the Shepherd's son?
4:4:425-546Though the king, in disguise, had praised hybridization in plants, what does he threaten the Shepherd with after the prince, in disguise, and the 'commoner' Perdita are almost wed by him?
4:4:452-790To where does Camillo suggest that Florizell flee with Perdita, realizing that the king will follow, taking him along?
4:4:806-975As the shepherd and his son decide to find the king to tell him that Perdita is not the shepherd's true daughter, who, pretending to be a member of the court, agrees to help them find the king? He has fun terrifying them in the process.
5:1:1-106King Leontes is still repentant, and though his lords are encouraging him to forgive himself, he receives harsh criticism from Antigonus' widow. What does Leontes promise the widow he will not do, without her permission?
5:1:107-287As Florizell and Perdita introduce themselves to Leontes, word of the arrival of Polixenes, along with Camillo, the shepherd and his son, arrives. Leontes promises to use his influence to persuade Polixenes to allow the prince and Perdita to do what?
5:2:1-131Who finds out, and through him the audience as well, from various gentlemen of the happy reunions of the two kings, and that of the king and Camillo, of the death of Antigonus, and that Perdita was found to be Leontes' long lost daughter?
5:3:1-192All go to view an amazing statue, and it comes to life, whether by magic, or by trickery remains unclear. Who is the statue?

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