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Prologue: 1-33Prologue asks forgiveness for the inferiority of the play, when compared to the tale of what medieval author, upon which the play was based?
1:1:1- 275 Three queens beg Theseus to help them recover their husbands bodies, and he is implored to grant their request by his wife Hippolyta and her sister, Emilia; Theseus agrees to battle what country, whose leader Creon had forbidden the fallen kings their proper burial rites.
1:2:1-135Arcite and Palamon, two cousins who profess their never-dying love for each other, prepare to leave their country, in part out of a concern for virtue, and in part out of hatred for what uncle of theirs; they decided to stay when news of the impending attack reaches them?
1:3:1-111As Emilia compares the love bewtixt Theseus and Pirithous, she recounts her childhood love for Flavina; what does she then say she will never be interested in?
1:4:1-56As the queens thank the victorious Theseus, Arcite and Palamon are brought in; where does Theseus command they be sent after their wounds are healed?
2:1:1-58As Arcite and Palamon are brought to them, and the Jailer confuses them because they look so much alike, who is able to distinguish the two?
2:2:1-130As Arcite and Palamon discuss the benefits to being in their new location, they express gratitude above all else that they are there together; what do they say no two people have more of than what they have for each other?
2:2:131-289Palamon and Arcite see Emilia from their prison window, and as they argue over her, denouncing their friendship and love, what does Palamon call Arcite as a result of Palamon having seen her first?
2:2:290-330As Arcite is pardoned and released, on the condition he never return to Greece, what does Palamon fear Arcite and Emilia will do?
2:2:331-358Palamon is removed to a cell without what, meaning he will no longer be able to gaze upon Emilia?
2:3:1-104Arcite decides to stay in Greece and go to what event in disguise?
2:4:1-33; 6:1-39Because she loves him, what does the jailer's daughter decide to help Palamon do?
2:5:1-88After Theseus commends Arcite, who is still in disguise, on his feats, to whom does he give Arcite as a servant?
3:1:1-144Arcite and Palamon meet; Arcite agrees to help Palamon to get out of his shackles so they can do what?
3:2:1-39The jailer's daughter, unable to find Palamon, assumes he has been eaten by a beast; what fate does she fear will fall on her father?
3:3:1-90As Arcite brings Palamon food and wine, what does Palamon fear Arcite has added to the victuals; Arcite eats first?
3:4:1-5:179What does a confused and distraught jailer's daughter agree to perform in?
3:6:1-383Theseus comes upon Arcite and Palamon as they begin their battle; he commands that within a month, they will meet in battle before him; the loser will forfeit his life; what will the winner receive?
4:1:1-208The jailer gets word of his and his daughter's pardons; but finds out is daughter is what?
4:3:1-106The doctor suggests that the jailer's daughter's previous fiancée should pretend to be who, even making love to her, in order to cure her?
5:1:1-40To whom do Arcite and his knight pray for victory, so that Arcite might win the hand of Emilia; they receive a favorable sign?
5:1:41-145To whom do Palamon and his knight pray for victory, so that Palamon might win the hand of Emilia; they receive a favorable sign?
5:1:146-182To whom does Emilia pray her virginity would be kept inviolate; they receive a favorable sign?
5:3:1-173Who wins the battle?
5:4:1-160As Palamon is about to be executed, word of an accident arrives; on his death bed to whom does Arcite give Emilia?

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