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1:1:1-155After Proteus bids farewell to his dearest friend Valentine, who is going to Milan to study, he talks with Speed; he is disheartened because Speed says Julia reacted indifferently to what (it was actually Lucetta pretending to be Julia)?
1:2:1-146When Julia receives the item, she goes through a range of emotions, what does she eventually do to the item, and then immediately regret having done it?
1:3:1-92As Proteus is reading of Julia's love for him, but lies to his father telling him he is reading Valentine's letter saying he wishes he was with him, where does his father tell him he will be sent, causing Proteus to believe his lie has been responsible for the decision?
2:1:87-180Valentine, in love with Sylvia, at her behest writes a love letter to an unknown recipient; Sylvia complains that it was not moving enough, and returns it to Valentine; to whom was the letter intended?
2:2:1-22Proteus and Julia say their very said goodbyes; what tokens do they exchange?
2:4:124-224Valentine tells Proteus that he is in love with Sylvia, and that they plan to elope that night; what device does he confide he will use to reach Julia?
2:6:1-43With whom has Proteus fallen in love?
2:7:1-90Julia decides to follow Proteus to Milan; what will she disguise herself as on her journey?
3:1:1-50To whom does Proteus betray Valentine's plan?
3:1:51-156The duke pretends to ask Valentine for advice on how to procure Sylvia's agreement to marry Sir Thurio, and for his advice on how to woo a woman; in addition to a letter outlining Valentine's plan to elope with Sylvia, what device does he find in Valentine's coat?
3:1:157-191What is Valentine's punishment, meted out by the Duke?
3:1:191-267Who promises to relay Valentine's messages to Sylvia?
3:2:1-98Who promises the duke that he will attempt to dissuade Sylvia of her affections for Valentine, and redirect them to Thurio?
4:1:1-76When the robbers attack Valentine, what do they end up making him? (One word answer)
4:2:1-114Proteus sends Thurio away, so he can woo Sylvia himself, but Sylvia rejects his intentions, pointing out that he has proven faithless to Julia and to his friend Valentine; he tells her Julia is dead; who observes all of this and is greatly saddened?
4:3:1-51Who decides to follow Valentine in banishment, requesting the company of Eglamour for safety?
4:4:1-40Lance, Proteus' servant, is commanded to give his much beloved dog as a gift to Sylvia, in an attempt to win her heart; what does the dog do on the floor, and to spare him punishment, Lance takes the blame for? (one word)
4:4:40-216What does Proteus ask Julia (in disguise) to deliver to Sylvia? (one word) (Julia is very relieved, Sylvia rejects the gift.)
5:2:1-58As Proteus is telling Thurio how his supposed wooing of Sylvia on Thurio's behalf is progressing, who comes in announcing that Sylvia is missing and organizes a search party?
5:3:1-15When attacked by the band of robbers, what is Eglamour's response: flight, fight, or freeze?
5:4:1-65Proteus snatches Sylvia away, he again woos her, and when she resists, says he will forcibly take her; who sees all of this occur, while hiding?
5:4:66-131As he tries to force his way with Sylvia, those in hiding come out enraged at his behavior; Proteus apologizes, is forgiven; Julia is discovered because of her ring; and to whom does Proteus then declare his everlasting love?
5:4:132-186After the duke and his party are captured, who says Sylvia is not worth fighting for, thus moving the duke to forgive Valentine, and bless their marriage?

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