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1:2:53-54Prospero tells Miranda their history as they watch the shipwreck he had orchestrated. He was Duke of what?
1:2:66-119As Duke, Prospero loved his studies, both in the liberal arts and the secret arts, neglecting affairs of the state. To whom did he entrust the care of the government, that person eventually usurping and exiling Prospero?
1:2:120-134The king of what nation assisted in the usurpation and exiling?
1:2:135-They were cast off on a dilapidated boat, with the intention they would perish. They were saved because Gonzalo secretly supplied them with garments, linens, stuffs, and necessaries, and what other items that Prospero valued more than his dukedom?
1:2:189-296After Ariel recounts how he caused the tempest and preserved the lives of those aboard, he asks about being released from Prospero's service. Prospero angrily chides him, reminding him of his history. Prospero had saved him from his 12-year imprisonment. What had the foul witch Sycorax imprisoned him in?
1:2:300-305Prospero instructs Ariel to make himself what?
1:2:322-375Caliban curses Prospero and Prospero tells him he'll be punished. He goes through their history, recounting how good he was to Caliban, and how he taught him. After Caliban admits he has to obey because of Prospero's power, he says that he curses them for teaching him to do what, enabling him to curse them?
1:2:423-451Ferdinand, assuming his father dead, introduces himself as king of Naples. What does he wish to make Miranda?
1:2:451-504Prospero, who doesn't want the match to be made too quickly, informs Ferdinand that he will be imprisoned. What does Ferdinand draw, causing Prospero to put him in a trance?
2:1:1-185Sebastian and Antonio see the island as a desert. Who do they ridicule for seeing beauty in the island, good fortune in their making it there, and Utopian visions for the island? They similarly mock Francisco's suggestion that King Alonso's son may still be alive.
2:1:186-322When Antonio and Sebastian conspire to kill Alonso, thus paving the way for Sebastian to become king, who foils their plan by waking up Alonso and Gonzalo as the swords are drawn?
2:2:1-180As Trinculo comes across Caliban, and hides with him under his cloak, Stephano comes across the pair. At first he thinks they are a four-legged monster. What does he give to Caliban causing Caliban to pledge to be his subject? He also begs him to be allowed to kiss Stephanos feet and asks if he can show him the island (as he had to Prospero). He also asks Stephano to be his god.
3:1:1-65Miranda enjoins Ferdinand to rest from his forced labor, and against her fathers orders converses with him. As she begins to express remorse for her disobedience, he introduces himself as a prince, or perhaps what else?
3:1:68-96As Miranda uncharacteristically proposes to Ferdinand, who accepts, who is secretly watching, and actually pleased at the course of events?
3:2:1-110As Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano continue their drinking around the island, and Prospero causes them to argue and fight by imitating their voices, they plot to kill Prospero. Stephano syles himself king, and the other two viceroys. Who does he say will be his queen?
3:2:83-98What items does Caliban insist they take from Prospero before they attack him?
3:3:1-109Alonso's party comes across a lavishly laden table, and debate whether or to eat. Ariel appears in what form, disposing of the banquet declaring that he is a minister of fate to perform retribution for the usurpation of Prospero?
4:1:1-138Prospero tells Ferdinand he approves of the match, and puts on a masque featuring Iris, Ceres, and who else in order to give blessing to their upcoming marriage?
4:1:139-250During the dance of the nymphs, Prospero remembers about the plot on his life by Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban. What had those three stolen after being muddied in a marsh?
5:1:60-135When Prospero confronts his brother, he also announces his forgiveness, but what does he demand be returned?
5:1:135-175As Alonso laments the loss of his son, Prospero says he also has lost his daughter. He then reveals Ferdinand and Miranda playing what game?
5:1:215-241The Boatswain appears. What does he say is in perfect condition?
EpilogueWhat does Prospero finally give up?

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