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Induction 1:30-97Who does the Lord find drunk, and decide to play a trick on, pretending he is a wealthy lord?
Induction 2:99ff.Once the drunk is convinced he was a Lord, he begins to speak in blank verse. What was the manner of his conversation prior to that time?
Induction 2:125-138What entertainment does the true Lord, provide for the pretend Lord, making the chief part of The Taming of the Shrew a play-within-a-play?
1:1:1, 2In what city is most of the action of the play set?
1:1:1ff.What is the name of the young gentleman who comes to the city from Pisa to study philosophy, with his two servants Tranio and Biondello?
1:1:48What is the name of the father who tells Gremio and Hortensio that they may court his youngest daughter, but will not be permitted to marry her until the older one is wed?
1:1:57What is the name of the older shrewish daughter?
1:1:105-142What do the two rivals for Bianca agree to work together to find for her sister?
1:1:71, 187-190Having fallen in love with Bianca, what will Lucentio disguise himself as, in order to gain access to court her? Later Gremio suggest Petruchio do this as well, to gain access to the shrew.
1:1:195-217Who will stand in for Lucentio, pretending to be him?
1:2:47-55What has Petruchio returned to Padua hoping to find?
1:2:62-70What is the chief thing Petruchio want a potential bride to posses?
1:2:214-277Who pretends to be Lucentio, and also feigns interest in Bianca, throwing the other two suitors off the trail of the real Lucentio, so Lucentio can pursue Bianca in disguise?
2:1:8-12Katherina ties up Bianca, and asks whether she prefers Hortensio or Gremio. What is her reply? A. Hortensio B. Gremio C. Neither
2:1:140-150While Petruchio and Baptista are discussing the dowry, Hortensio (Litio) comes in with his skull bleeding. With what did Katherina hit him?
2:1:183-194Though the shrew demands he use her full name, what diminutive does Petruchio persist in using when talking to or of her, initiating a battle of wits?
2:1:290, 291The date for what event does Petruchio insist the shrew has agreed upon, though she hasn't.
2:1:374-382To whom does Baptista award Bianca, on the condition that his finances can be verified?
2:1:397-404What familial relation will Tranio (Lucentio) have to provide for surety?
3:1:30-80Just as Hortensio will subsequently intersperse his profession of love in a music lesson on the scale, Lucentio interspersed his admission of who he is, and his profession of love, in a lesson on what topic?
3:1:30-85Does Bianca appear to prefer A. Lucentio B. Hortensio C. Neither
3:2:1-245Petruchio arrived late, on a diseased horse, dressed ridiculously, cursed, hit a priest, kissed the shrew so loudly that it echoed, and forced her, despite her objections, to depart early, at what event?
4:1:173-196In order to tame the shrew, Petruchio keeps his bride from eating by complaining that none of the food is good enough for her; what else does he keep her from doing through a pretended kindness?
4:2:82Tranio convinces the merchant that there is a penalty for anyone from Mantua appearing in their city, in order to convince him to play the part of Lucentio's father. What is that penalty?
4:3:190When Petruchio insists his wife agree, that it is whatever time he says it is, what does Hortensio, who has come to attend the taming school, say that Petruchio commands?
4:4:75-105While the fake Lucentio and the fake Lucentio's fake father are discussing their children's future, what does Bionello suggest the real Lucentio and Bianca do secretly?
4:5:1-23On their return to Padua, Petruchio has Kate greet an old man (Lucentio's pretend father) as a young girl, then chides her for not recognizing his age and sex. What does he have her call the sun?
5:1:1-100When Petruchio, his wife, and Lucentio's real father, meet Lucentio's fake father and the fake Lucentio, what does the real father and the fake Lucentio try to have done to each other?
5:1:94-129After the real Lucentio and his new wife Bianca, arrive, and explain the situation, what does Petruchio insist his wife do to him in the street?
5:2:50-130Petruchio, Lucentio, and Hortensio (who has married a widow), engage in a contest to see whose wife will return most quickly when beckoned. Whose wife wins the contest for her husband?
5:2:146-189Towards the end, who gives the longest speech in the entire play, on the topic of the duties a woman owes to her husband?

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