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1:1:41-64; 3:2:55-60Who does Sir Hugh want to marry Mistress Anne Page? This person is also favored by Page.
1:1:95-183Who does Falstaff admit to beating his men, killing his deer and breaking into his hunting lodge, though Bardolph, Pistol and Nym deny having pick pocketed him?
1:3:1-30What job does Falstaff procure for Bardolph at The Garter?
1:3:30-105Who refuses Falstaff's request to deliver his letters to Mistresses Ford and Page proposing an amorous affair and subsequently plan revenge on Falstaff?
1:4:1-111Who does Mistress quickly tell Simple that she will do what she can to get Mistress Anne Page to agree to marry?
1:4:112-118When Doctor Caius finds Simple in his closet, he sends a letter with Simple challenging Sir Hugh to what?
1:4:120-136; 3:2:55-60Who does Mistress Quickly assure Doctor Caius will Anne Page agree to marry? He is favored by Mistress Page.
1:4:140-172; 3:2:69-75Who else does Mistress Quickly assure has Anne's heart and promises to intercede on his behalf? Page is against this match.
2:1:1-90When Mistress' Page and Ford compare their love letters from Falstaff, they found that word for word they were identical except for what?
2:1:95-101Mistress' Page and Ford decide to lead Falstaff on, until he has to pawn what to the Host of the Garter?
2:1:110-150; 2:2:145-293Who jealous nature is further inflamed when Falstaff's former men tell him about Falstaff's designs on Mistress' Page and Ford? Under the pretense of being Mr. Brook, Falstaff tells him of a planned rendezvous.
2:1:200-208; 2:3; 3:1Who keeps Caius and Hugh from meeting (for a while) by giving them contrary locations? When they find out about his rouse they assume he is having sport with them and plan revenge.
2:2:31-135Who tells Falstaff that both Mistress' Page and Ford are very interested in him romantically, and sets up a meeting with Mistress Ford?
3:3:42-140While Falstaff is with Mistress Ford, Mistress Page warns of Ford's approach. In what do they hide Falstaff in order to remove him from the premises, and keep Ford from finding him?
3:3:178-180; 3:5:1-18Where is Falstaff thrown?
3:4:1-80Page dislikes Fenton because of Fenton's wild life as a youth with the king, and because though he is well born, he has lost his inheritance. What does he think Fenton wants from Anne?
3:5:19-60Who convinces Falstaff to go to Mistress Ford again?
3:5:60-154To whom does Falstaff relay the story of how he snuck out of Mistress Ford's house?
4:2:48-108During their second rendezvous, Falstaff escapes dressed as what?
4:2:170-190Ford beats Falstaff (in disguise) because he believes that he is what type of woman?
4:2:190-200What does Sir Hugh see under his scarf that lets them know the person who escaped was not a woman?
4:3:1-11; 4:5:61-92What do some Germans, travelling to see the duke, borrow from the Host, and then fail to return, possibly the result of Caius' and Hugh's revenge?
4:4:26-90After the merry wives reveal to their husbands the sport they have been having with Falstaff, they decide to have one more episode. They will get Falstaff to meet them in Windsor Forest dressed as Herne the Hunter, and wearing horns. At what time will this rendezvous take place?
5:5:16-108After Mistress' Ford and Page meet Falstaff, they run away when they hear a noise. Quickly, Hugh, and children attack Falstaff dressed as what?
5:5:185-208After the townsfolk make fun of Falstaff, Page announces that Slender is now married to his daughter. Slender returns, however, announcing that he had almost married whom?
5:5:209-220After Mistress Page announces that she had Anne change disguises to fool Slender, and that Anne is now married to Caius, Caius returns. Whom did Caius actually marry?
5:5:221-253Who does Anne Page return with, actually having married? The news leads to reconciliation among all of the parties, and they all depart to a wedding feast.

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