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1:1:1-79As the play opens, Antonio is talking with several of his friends. He compares the world to a stage, 'where every man must play a part.' What does he say his part is?
1:1:153-185 Antonio has no money to give to Bassanio, because his money is tied up in several ventures, but promises to use his credit to obtain funds for Bassanio. What wealthy woman does Bassario need the money in order to woo?
1:2:26-33 Portia's father left in his will instructions that the man who picks the right chest will win her hand in marriage, but he who chooses wrongly must never wed. Of what three materials are the chests made of?
1:3:132-150 Surprisingly Shylock who resents Antonio's former ill-treatment, agrees to lend 3000 ducats without charging monetary interest. However, what does he insist on collateral?
2:1, 2 After playing a cruel trick on his blind father, telling him he is dead, to whom does Launcelot, Shylock's servant, become employed by?
2:2:163-194 Who does Bassanio reluctantly agree bring with him to Belmont only after being promised he will behave?
2:3:1-20 Jessica, Shylock's daughter is ashamed of her father and plans to run away and become a Christian in order to marry whom?
2:6:1-67 After Gratiano, Salarino and Lorenzo sneak Jessica out of Shylock's house, who does Gratiano find so he can see them off as they leave for Belmont?
2:7:1-79 The prince of Morocco chooses which casket, inscribed, 'Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire' but finds in it a rotting skull?
2:9:1-83 The prince of Aragon chooses which casket, inscribed, 'Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves' finding in it a portrait of a blinking idiot?
3:1:1-112 While Shylock is protesting with Salarino and Solanio about their role in his daughter's flight, and the wealth she absconded with, and insisting that he will collect his pound of flesh, what gift from his Leah does he find out his daughter has taken, causing even more grief than the gold she stole?
3:2:40-148 Bassanio chooses which casket, inscribed, 'Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath' and finds in it a portrait of Portia, thus winning her hand in marriage?
3:2:149-174 What does Portia give to Bassanio, saying if he should ever part with it, that would signify the end of their love?
3:2:196-216 To whom does Gratiano announce he will be wed, causing Bassanio to suggest a double wedding?
3:2:217-325 Lorenzo, Jessica, and Salerio bring word that Antonio's fleets had failed, and he stands to loose his pound of flesh. He requests Antonio's presence at his impending death. Who offers to pay Shylock?
3:4:10-84 Portia devises a secret plan for her and Nerissa to go where, disguised as males?
3:5:13-23 When Launcelot tells Jessica she is doomed to hell, and Jessica tells him she has converted to Christianity, what does he complain the conversion of Jews will raise the price of?
4:1:1-245 During the legal proceeding, Shylock rejects every plea for mercy. When Portia, disguised as a legal expert pronounces that Shylock has a right to his pound of flesh, to what Old Testament prophet does Shylock compare her (him)?
4:1:303-315 As Shylock gets ready to exact his pound, what does Portia warn that he is not entitled to, and if a drop is spilled he shall be executed?
4:1:365-369 Shylock finds himself owing half of his estate to Antonio and half to the State. What does the Duke levy against Shylock in place of half the estate.
4:1:377-387 Antonio says Shylock can keep his half of the estate, if he agrees to bequeath it to who?
4:1:377-387 Antonio's other requirement is that Shylock must convert to what?
4:1:406-455 When Bassanio insists that Portia (who he does not recognize) accept a token, what does she request from him?
4:1:406-455 What item does Portia request from Antonio?
5:1:142-307What missing object causes consternation until Portia reveals how she came to have it?

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