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1:1:1-25How many marks does Egeon have to raise to avoid being executed for being a Syracusian in Ephesus?
1:1:100-120After their ship sank, a ship from Epidaurus rescued Egeon's wife, and one of their twin sons, and one of their twin servants. Where was the ship that rescued Egeon, and the other twins from?
1:1:124-139When he turned 18, whose decision was it to look for the lost family, leading to a 5-year odyssey that eventually brought Egeon and later himself and his servant Dromio of Syracuse to Ephesus?
1:2:1-95Antipholus of Syracuse arrives in Ephesus, and is warned not to reveal his country of origin. After sending Dromio of Syracuse on an errand, who does he subsequently meet and beat, mistaking him for his servant?
1:2:76-81Antipholus of Syracuse is worried, because his supposed servant knows nothing of the whereabouts of their money. How many marks were at stake (notably the same amount required for Egeon's ransom)?
1:2:74-95Who does Dromio E tell Antipholus S, believing him to be Antipholus E, is expecting him home for dinner?
2:1:10To whom does Antipholus of Ephesus' wife complain that men have more liberty than women?
2:1:86-115After the servant relates the strange behavior of his 'master,' and Adriana sends him back to retrieve Antipholus, what deadly sin does she tell her sister that she suspects is the reason for the strange behavior?
2:2:67-106Dromio of Ephesus meets his master, denying having tried to urge him 'home' to his mistress. He is abused. What topic, afflicting many aging men, does he jest about in order to diffuse his master's ire?
2:2:200-216Adriana finally goes and brings the wrong and confused Antipholus and Dromio home. While Dromio of Syracuse is guarding the gate, what is Antipholus of Syracuse and his supposed wife doing?
3:1:1-123Who decides to go to a courtesan, after Dromio of Syracuse refuses to let him into his own house?
3:2:1-70Who tries to chide Antipholus of Syracuse to be faithful to his supposed wife, and becomes the object of his love?
3:2:71-140Dromio S finds himself 'married' to a very fat and ugly woman. To what do he and his master humorously compare her?
3:2:141-178As Antipholos S decides to leave Ephesus, what object, ordered by Antipholus E, does Angelo give him?
4:1:16-21What does Antipholos of Ephesus send his servant to purchase, with which he intends to whip his wife and her confederates for locking him out?
4:1:22-84When Angelo seeks payment from Antipholus of Ephesus, he refuses because he has not received the item. To where is Antipholos sent?
4:2:1-65Though she has just found out about her supposed husbands flirtation, what does Adriana give Dromio of Syracuse to rescue her actual husband from jail?
4:3:1-43To whom does Dromio of Syracuse give the above, which had been intended for Antipholus of Ephesus?
4:3:65-78What item given to Antipholus of Ephesus does the courtesan demand from Antipholus of Syracuse?
4:3:79-94To whom does the courtesan decide to tell the only deliberate lie in the entire play, namely that Antipholus had taken the above object from her by force?
4:4:52-55As Antipholus of Ephesus is arguing with his servant, who has not brought the money, but instead the other object that had been requested, his wife brings Pinch. What does Pinch attempt to perform on Antipholus?
4:4:117-156After a great deal of confusion, Adriana procures her husband's release by promising to make restitution. He is led away to his house. Shortly thereafter, Antipholus S arrives brandishing what, causing them to flee?
5:1:1-112After Angelo and Antipholus almost get into a fight over the merchandise that Antipholus is wearing, to where does Antipholus S. flee for sanctuary?
5:1:130-167Who arrives, bringing Egeon to his execution, and is appealed to by Adriana?
5:1:190-329After Antipholus E arrives, denies that he has seen Angelo's merchandise and returns the courtesan's ring, who does Egeon mistake him for?
5:1:330-427After Antipholus S comes out with the abbess, causing confusion, and returning Angelo's merchandise, the abbess clears up the confusion by revealing her relationship to Egeon. How is she related to Egeon?

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