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Poiseuille's law explains how the flow rate in a pipe depends on its _____.Poor Howard thought he could trump Sheldon with this one. Unfortunately, not even a spitball could hold Sheldon back from a chance to show off. We call that Cooper's Know-It-All Law.
One _____ year is the equal to 250 millions years on earth.Two hundred and fifty million years? We don't even want to think of what the dog equivalent to that is.
A Rhombicosidodecahedron is an _____ solid.It has 20 regular triangular faces, 30 square faces, 12 pentagonal faces, 60 vertices and 120 edges.
Billions of solar _____ pass through us every single day.While you were playing I Spy on road trips, Sheldon and Leonard were busy discussing how many solar subatomic particles pass through a car in a given moment. Think of that the next time you complain how hard it is to find the letter 'Z' on a freeway sign.
Some things don't need a _____ explanation.Love is simply not meant to be explained, and you should avoid comparing romantic feelings to brain parasites.
Superfluid _____ Theory imagines space as a superfluid.After publishing their work online, they learned the only thing more difficult than understanding SVT is discovering how cruel people can be online.
Sharing a mutual dislike of someone else can bring _____ closer.Trash-talk actually can benefit the gossiper—at least that’s how Amy justified slinging smack about Bernadette with Penny.
In engineering, you quantify the strength of materials with Young's _____.Take a cue from Sheldon and whip out this fact at your next cocktail party--although, we can't guarantee your friends won't be annoyed by your overwhelming understanding of rubber.
To prevent eddy currents in a _____, simply laminate the core material.If there's one thing we love about Howard more than his bowl cut, it's how frustrated he gets when Sheldon's right. But unlike with eddy currents, laminating your friends won't solve any of your problems.
Operant _____ techniques are used to alter a person's or group's behavior.What's even cooler is that psychologist B.F. Skinner actually used these techniques to teach pigeons how to play ping-pong.
The term 'negative _____' doesn't mean what you think it does.According to Sheldon it is the removal of a positive stimulus, or 'positive punishment.'
A multiwire proportional counter is used to detect ______ particles.Instead of relying on huge Cherenkov telescopes, the boys found a way to build their own multiwire detector. Started at the bottom, now they’re here! Too bad 'here' also means chasing a pigeon out of the clean room.
A little anxiety can actually help you be _____.Immersing yourself in a state of productive anxiety will boost your overall performance.
You should never consume superfluid _____.One taste will freeze your tongue, and it will snap off. Certain things were never meant to be ingested, even if they do smell like blueberries.
You can use humans to test the _____-solving abilities of apes.One of the most effective ways of testing the intelligence of apes is by giving them puzzles most humans can’t solve.

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