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Can you name the math terms that begin with T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z?

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1st Letter/# WordsTermHint
T (1)Trig function equal to opposite / adjacent
T (2)Line touching a curve at a point.
T (1)Parts of an expression or series separated by + or – signs.
T (5)The ray where measurement of an angle stops.
T (1)A polyhedron with four triangular faces, or a pyramid with a triangular base.
T (2)For a set of data, a number for which 75% of the data is less than that number.
T (1)A doughnut shape.
T (1)Operation that alters the form of a figure.
T (1)A line that cuts across a set of lines.
T (1)A polygon with three sides.
T (2)Sum of lengths of two sides of a triangle is greater than length of the third side.
T (1)The study of triangles, with emphasis on calculations involving the lengths of sides and the measures of angles.
T (1)A polynomial with three (unlike) terms.
T (1)Multiply by three.
T (1)Approximating a decimal number by dropping all decimal places past a certain point without rounding.
U (1)A polygon with eleven sides.
U (2)The 'slope' of a vertical line.
1st Letter/# WordsTermHint
U (3)Combined elements of two or more sets.
U (2)Circle with radius 1, centered at the origin.
V (1)Quantity that can change or take on different values or a letter representing such a quantity.
V (1)Quantity, drawn as an arrow, with both direction & magnitude.
V (1)The rate of change of the position of an object.
V (2)An Illustration of set operations.
V (1)A corner point of a geometric figure.
V (1)Straight up and down.
V (2)Angles opposite one another at the intersection of two lines.
V (3)A test use to determine if a relation is a function.
V (1)The total amount of space enclosed in a solid.
W (2)Computation of a kind of arithmetic mean of a set of numbers in which some elements of the set carry more importance (weight) than others.
W (2)The set of Natural Numbers, with 0 added.
X (1)A point at which a graph intersects the x-axis.
Y (1)A point at which a graph intersects the y-axis.
Z (1)The number which indicates no quantity, size, or magnitude, neither negative nor positive.

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