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The Mook, the Chef, the Wife, and her Homer
Fat Tony hands his son his math book: Michael, my son, here is your book - and never forget, the divisor goes into the dividend.
Given a รท b = c, a is the dividend, b is the divisor and c is called what?
Mountain of Madness
Smithers: [sighs] All right, you can come. What time is it?
Bart: 12:80. No wait. Wait. Wh-what comes after 12?
Smithers: One.
Bart: No, after twelve!
Smithers: [groan]
What is the name of the system of arithmetic for integers, where numbers 'wrap around' upon reaching a certain value, developed by Carl Friedrich Gauss in his book Disquisitiones Arithmeticae (1801)? (Also known as clock math.)
Bart the Genius
Freeze-frame gag.
A student sports a lunchbox with the world chess champion from 1975 - 1985. Who is this chess master, who also holds the record for selling the most valuable stamp from the Belgian Congo, auctioned off at $80,000 in 2011?
Colonel Homer
Freeze-frame gag.
What is the name of the movie theater? The name insinuates there are 10googol screens inside it?
Freeze-frame gag.
What is the name of this famous equation, appearing as a title of a book Lisa is using: ei pi + 1 = 0?
The Fight Before Christmas
Freeze-frame gag.
Parodying Sesame Street, the episode concludes, 'Tonight's episode was brought to you by the symbol umlaut, and the number _____, not the letter _____, but the number whose exponential function is the derivative of itself.' To what number was the closing referring?
Marge in Chains
Apu's memory is questioned in court, and he responds that he can recite pi to forty thousand places. And he averred that the last digit was 1.
The record holder today is Chao Lu from China, who memorized 67,890 digits in 2005. The show, however, was doing homage to Hideaki Tomoyori, who had just set the record of exactly 40,000 digits in 2005. What country is Tomoyori from? In the days before Google, the writers prevailed upon David Bailey from the NASA Ames Research Center to provide them with the 40th digit.
Lisa's Sax
Homer and Marge consider sending Lisa to Miss Tillingham's School for Snotty Girls and Mama's Boys.
While visiting there, two children sing, 'Cross my heart and hope to die, Here's the digits that make pi, 3.14159265358979323846...' This shows that in spite of having only 8 fingers, they use this decimal form.
Honoring 'Little Girl Lost' (Twilight Zone), Homer passes through a portal, slips into a third-dimensional world.
Professor Frink, tries to explain the third dimension by extending a square along a hypothetical z-axis, forming a three-dimensional object, or cube, he names a Frinkahedron. What is the name in our universe, for cubes in four or more dimensions?
In the three-dimensional world, an apparently random series of numbers and letters float past Homer: 46 72 69 6E 6B 20 72 75 6C 65 73 21.
What are these numbers, which when paired represent characters in ASCII (a sort of computer language) called? When translated, the message Homer sees reads: 'Frink rules!'
Reusing a gag they had already used, an erroneous equation appears:
178212 + 184112 = 192212.
It does work out to the first 9 digits and because of rounding will appear correct on a calculator that displays 10 digits. However, one can tell it is erroneous because the first and the last numbers are ______ and the middle number is _____. (Two different words)
The five-minute three-dimensional portion of the episode was cutting edge in its time and cost more to produce than an entire regular episode.
The company that created the animation donated it for advertising purposes. 7, 3, and 4 fly by Homer. These numbers translate to the acronym for the company. What letters do they stand for (think telephone). The company later produced graphics for Toy Story and Monsters Inc., among other films.
As the 3-dimensional universe fades, one sees a few mathematical formulas, including N = NP.
P-type problems, such as multiplication, are easy to solve. NP-type problems, such as factoring, are difficult to solve, but easy to check... or at least they are in today's understanding. The equation insinuates that NP problems may be easier than currently thought, a minority view, held by one of the writers who researched the subject at Berkley. What does NP stand for?
Not from the show; deserves mention
A higher proportion of Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Yet, a higher proportion of Southern Democrats voted for the Act than did Southern Republicans, and a higher proportion of Northern Democrats voted for the act, than did Northern Republicans. What is this apparent contradiction known as?
Not from the show; deserves mention
What is the name of the technique in Calculus that can be used to estimate the area under any curve?

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