Simpson's Mathematics II

Can you answer the questions about Mathematics topics found in The Simpsons? II

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Radioactive Man
Sign at Slotcar Heaven toy racing car store: “1/24 the size, 3/8 the fun”
What is the ratio of Fun:Size
Bart Gets an F
Martin offers Bart advice, to always sit in the back row... on the bus, in school, in church.
He even formulates an equation. The equation relates M (potential for mischief) and the reciprocal of PA (Proximity to Authority Figures). What type of variation is this called?
Dead Putting Society
Lisa enters a math contest.
Lisa announces that the prize she hopes to win is a protractor. Homer replies, 'Too bad we don't live on a farm!' What does a protractor measure?
Dead Putting Society
Lisa teaches Bart how to get a hole in one (in miniature golf) by bouncing the ball off five walls and into the hole.
Bart says, 'I can't believe it. You've actually found a practical use for _____. What branch of mathematics does Bart refer to?
Blood Feud
Lisa attempts to teach Maggie about a dodecahedron.
She shows here a picture of a regular dodecahedron. What shape is each of the faces of the platonic solid?
Lisa uses statistics to help the Little League Isotops, win. She is seen with a pile of books, including Moneyball and Bill James' Historical Baseball Abstract.
What is the name of the empirical analysis of baseball, especially baseball statistics that measure in-game activity, derived from the acronym for the Society for American Baseball Research, coined by James, and used to propel the Oakland A's into the playoffs in 2002 and 2003.
Homer the Great
The opening couch gag involves the Simpsons exploring a paradoxical network of staircases under the influence of three perpendicular gravitational forces.
The scene is a tribute to Relativity. What is the name of the twentieth-century Dutch artist who created the lithograph?
They Saved Lisa's Brain
Principal Skinner announces: 'Not only are the trains now running on time, they're running on metric time. Remember the moment..80 past 2 on April 47th.'
What country introduced the 10-hour day, 100-minute hour, and the 100-second minute in 1793? The plan was abandoned in 1805.
They Saved Lisa's Brain
When this mathematician criticizes the Mensans, Homer replies, 'Larry Flynt is right! You guys stink!' Who is the mathematician Homer mistook for Flynt?
The mathematician had to utter the word 'Fruitopia' but it was not in his voice synthesizers dictionary. The world's most brilliant man spent his time helping to modify his voice synthesizer so that he could utter the line!
Girl's Just Want to Have Sums
When Principal Skinner says, 'From what I've seen, boys are better at math, science, the real subjects' he is fired.
They were spoofing comments made by Lawrence Summers, who was also forced to resign after making a comment about women and mathematics? Summers was the president of what university?
Girl's Just Want to Have Sums
Skinner's replacement opens a school for girls, where they are asked what a + sign smells like and told that solving problems is a male approach.
Lisa sneaks back to watch a real math class from outside the window. She observes a diagram of a 3-sphere snowman, and the teacher is asking how to calculate its volume. Lisa complains he forgot the nose, a carrot, or cone. To find the volume of the cone you multiply 1/3 of the area of the base times what?
Girl's Just Want to Have Sums
Lisa disguises herself as a boy to be able to sit in on real math classes.
The episode likens her to Yentl, but what famous mathematician posed as a male, Monsieur LeBlanc, in order to gain entry to lectures at École Polytechnique. After Joseph-Louis Lagrange uncovered her identity, he supported her.
Gone Maggie Gone
Homer has to cross a river with Maggie, the dog, and a bottle of poison, but can only take one at a time. Maggie cannot be left with dog or poison.
Modeled after the first river-crossing problem with a wolf, goat, and cabbage, found in a work containing more than 50 mathematical puzzles. What is the name of the 8th-century European scholar who collected these puzzles. (Homer takes Maggie across, then gets the dog and brings Maggie back, then takes the poison. When he returns to get Maggie, she had been kidnapped by nuns.)
Writers Jeff Westbrook and David Cohen
Both of these writers tie, having a an _____ number of 3.
Who is the famous mathematician for whom the number is named. He published 1525 research papers with 511 co-authors. A '1' means you co-authored a paper with him, '2' you co-authored a paper with someone who has a co-authored a paper with him.
Jeff Westbrook
Westbrook wins the tie with a value of 6 for this number, which combines the connectivity to the previous mathematician, with connectivity to this actor...
The number measures connectivity to mathematics and Hollywood... What is the name of the actor, star of Six Degrees of Separation... The previous mathematician had a number 4, 0 from being himself and 4 from appearing in N Is a Number, a documentary about him, with Tomasz Luczak.
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