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Bart the Genius (First genuine episode)
Maggie admires a block tower she built.
The blocks are: EMCSQU, referring to an equation discovered by THIS PHYSICIST.
Bart the Genius
A child offers to trade 1000 picoliters of milk for 4 gills.
A picoliter is a trillionth of a liter. How many fluid ounces are in a gill?
Bart the Genius
Teacher: So y = r3/3 and if you determine the rate of change in this curve correctly, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
dy/dr = 3r2/3
dy/dr = r2
dy = r2dr
Give the last line in expanded notation, rearranged, which gives a Jackie Gleason catch-phrase.
Brush with Greatness
Professor Lombardo, an art teacher: 'You learn to see everyday objects as a simple grouping of geometric shapes.'
The teacher continues: 'Here we see how two concentric circles, various trapezoids, ellipses and, yes, even a rhombus, can create an adorable little bunny rabbit.' Which of the mentioned shapes is a parallelogram?
Writer Mike Reiss when eight years old, wrote to Martin Gardner that a certain class of numbers in the form of p^2, where p is prime, tend to contain an odd number of digits.Examples of the type of squared prime numbers he was referring to would be
112 = 121 or 22852 = 5,221,225. What are these types of numbers called?
(Only 1 of the 35 such numbers less than 100 billion (8362 = 698,896) has an even number of digits.
Mike Reiss, in the same letter, asked Gardner if there was an infinite number of prime numbers.Gardner went through a proof by contradiction, demonstrating that there are. Who was the ancient Greek scholar, from about 300 B.C., that composed the proof?
Simple Simpson
Homer portrays a superhero named Simple Simon, Your Friendly Neighborhood Pie Man. He appropriates a joke from Burns & Allen.
Homer says, 'We all know pi r squared, but today pie are justice. Gracie, after asking someone to 'Say something in Geometry' and is given the formula says, 'Pie are round. Cookies are round. Crackers are square.' These jokes rely on the fact that 'pie' and 'pi' are homophones. What 18th-century mathematician was responsible for popularizing the symbol 'pi', chosen because it is the initial letter of the Greek word periphereia?
Bye, Bye, Nerdie
Professor Frink is trying to quiet the attendees of the 12th Annual Big Science Thing.
He finally succeeds in quieting them by saying 'Pi is exactly three!' In 1897 the General Assembly of what state passed House Bill No. 246, decreeing that pi was exactly 3. Thankfully the bill was postponed indefinitely, but remains in the Statehouse, ready to be brought up to vote again!
Bye, Bye, Nerdie
Lisa wonders why a bully attacks only nerds.
Nelson responds, 'That's like asking the square root of a million - no one will ever know.' What is the square root of a million?
The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
Homer is determined to follow in Thomas Edison's footsteps.
He invents, among other things, a shotgun that applies makeup. Edison had 1093 patents, and had been given what nickname by a newspaper writer that is parodied in the episode's title?
The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
Homer has written on his blackboard an equation which predicts a mass of 775 GeV for a then hypothesized particle.
M(Ho) = pi (1/137)8sqrt(hc/G)
The actual mass was found to be 125 GeV 14 years later in 2012, when the researchers at CERN tracked down the elusive particle. What particle is being referred to?
The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
Homer's blackboard also contains the equation OMEGA(t0) > 1 which models the density of the universe.
He changes the sign of inequality to < which implies the universe will expand forever. The storyline mirrors the new equation with an explosion in the basement as soon as the sign is changed. What does the original equation imply will eventually happen to the universe?
The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
Homer's blackboard also has a doughnut transforming into a sphere, a mathematical impossibility that Homer effects by nibbling at the doughnut.
What branch of geometry, sometimes called 'rubber sheet geometry' is Homer using, albeit incorrectly. According to this branch of mathematics a square and circle are identical to each other because they are homeomorphic, as are a doughnut and a coffee cup.
The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
Homer's blackboard also contains the following equation:
398712 + 436512 = 447212.
Though Andrew Wiles showed in a 130 page proof (1995) that this was impossible, this equation 'works' on a calculator -- but only because the values are truncated. Who first proposed, and claimed to have proven, that other than for n = 2, there is no nontrivial solutions (where x, y, and z are whole numbers) to
xn + yn = zn?
This Little Wiggy
Robbie the Automaton: Have you ever wondered which of the Three Stooges had the heaviest brain?
3 = (L/B + M/B + C/B) x 0 + 3
3 = LMC/B x 0 +3
3 = 0 + 3
What is the name of a Consistent System of Equations that, when simplified, produces a result of two numbers equal to each other, indicating that both equations describe the same line?
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