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Can you name the Signs of Love as given by Valentine's servant Speed, in The Two Gentlemen of Verona: Missing Word?

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Sign of LoveMissing VERB
First, you have learned, like Sir Proteus, to _____ your arms like a malcontent;
to _____ a love song like a robin redbreast;
to _____ alone like one that had the pestilence;
to _____ like a schoolboy that had lost his ABC;
to _____ like a young wench that had buried her grandam;
to _____ like one that takes diet;
to _____ like one that fears robbing
to _____ puling like a beggar at Hallowmas.
You were wont, when you laughed, to _____ like a cock;
when you walked, to _____ like one of the lions.
When you _____ed, it was presently after dinner;
when you _____ed sadly, it was for want of money.
And now you are _____ ed with a mistress,
that when I _____ on you,
I can hardly _____ you my master

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