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L- ____A type of surface ski lift
____ MPopular name for the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing
O ____Canadian national anthem
O ____! ____ ____!Walt Whitman poem about Abraham Lincoln
O ____William Sydney Porter's pen name
O- ____Seal used to prevent leaks in parts connecting pipes, tubes, and rocket segments, such as the one that failed on Challenger in 1986
O ____! O ____!Latin phrase from Cicero meaning 'Oh the times! Oh the customs!'
____ OPeople rising to applaud
____ ____ p's ____ ____To be very careful of your words and actions
____ Q. ____Personification of an average person in the US
____ R'sBasic elements of learning: Readin', Ritin', and 'Rithmetic
R ____ - ____ ____One of Luke Skywalker's droids
____ T ____A cell that destroys target cells only when specifically activated by helper T cells
____ T1908 assembly-line Ford with a 4-cylinder, 20-horsepower engine
T-____Beginning baseball program for children
T-____A type of surface ski lift
T-____Steak cut from the short loin
T ____Any lymphocyte that is derived from the thymus gland and attacks foreign tissue by chemical means
T- ____Offensive positioning in football with the quarterback directly behind the center and the other 3 backs stationed horizontally behind him
____ _____ TTo perfection or exactly
T- ____Carnivorous dinosaur
T ____Ruler that fits over the edge of a drawing board, used to draw parallel and perpendicular lines
T- ____Moment when the countdown is over and the rocket or missile is launched

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