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A ____Type of bomb that helped end WWII
A ___ ___Used to praise those who have failed in spite of great exertion
A-____Triangular-shaped line of a woman's garment fitting closely at the top and flaring at the bottom
A-____Colloquial term meaning 'excellent' or 'in working order'
A-____Colloquial term for 'first-class,' originally designating a ship whose hull was in excellent condition
A ____ Z ____Everything about a subject
____ AFirst or main evidence produced in a court of law
____ A ____ ZFrom the beginning to the end
____ AAcute infectious disease of the liver most often spread by unclean food and water with an incubation period of 15 to 50 days
____ ANote an oboe plays for an orchestra to use for tuning its instruments
____-ADescription of an excellent student
'____ ____ A ____'Billy Strayhorn instrumental piece popularized by Duke Ellington
____ APersonality type characterized by tenseness and aggressiveness, considered a likely candidate for a heart attack
____ B's ____ _____ _____Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms
____ B ____ ____Sherlock Holme's address
B ____Second-rate motion picture
____ BAcute infectious disease of the liver commonly spread by sexual intercourse, blood transfusion or needle sharing, with an incubation period of 60 to 150 days
____ B.Term for 'hat' from first name and middle initial of the hat maker who endowed an academy, later a university, in De Land, Florida
____ BSystem of writing used 3,500 years ago in Mycenaean Greek documents and first deciphered in 1952 by Michael Ventris, a British architect
____ BAlternative strategy for action
____ BPersonality type characterized by a relaxed attitude and friendly manner
____ C'sFactors denoting the value of a diamond
C-____ ____ ____One of Luke Skywalker's droids
C-____America's largest cargo aircraft
C ____Musical symbol indicating the position of Middle C
C-____Surgical operation by which a baby is removed from the uterus
____ CSatisfactory academic ranking given to college students of high social standing who do not work diligently
____ CAcute infectious disease of the liver spread by blood transfusion and possibly by sexual intercourse or sharing needles, with an incubation period of 14 to 180 days
____ ____ CNickname for cancer
____ CAscorbic Acid

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