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Prologue 2What city is the setting for Romeo and Juliet?
1:1:36-51What rude gesture was made by Capulet's servants to Montague's that precipitated a fight, eventually broken up by the Prince who promised dire consequences if further fights should break out?
1:1:150-232What reason does Romeo give to Benvolio for his melancholy state?
1:2:9How old is Juliet when Paris seeks her hand from Capulet?
1:2:30-102What skill does Capulet's servingman not posses, leading him to ask Romeo for help and procuring for Romeo an invitation to Capulet's party, where he will meet Juliet, instantly falling in love?
1:5:30-60What is Romeo wearing that allows him to attend the party unknown until Tybalt recognizes his voice?
2:3:57-64After Romeo climbs the wall and he and Juliet profess their love to each other, Romeo goes to Friar Laurence. What does he ask the friar to do to them?
2:4:6-18Who challenges Romeo to a duel in a letter to Capulet?
2:4:108-200Romeo engages in bawdy banter with Mercutio and Benvolio. Who arrives in order to discern Romeo's intentions, and to set up a wedding between Romeo and Juliet at Friar Laurence's?
3:1:70-112Who does Tybalt kill as Romeo is trying to break up their fight?
3:1:118-194After Romeo kills Tybalt, what punishment does the prince mete out to Romeo?
3:4:1-36Unaware that his daughter is already wed, with whom does Capulet arrange a marriage to Juliet, to take place in 3 days?
3:5:1-195After Romeo and Juliet consummate their marriage, and Romeo sneaks off, Juliet tells her parents that she will not marry their favored suitor. What action does Capulet threaten to do to his daughter?
3:5:213-242After her parents leave, who counsels Juliet to marry Paris?
4:1:18-88Juliet come to the friar for help, and meets Paris, who professes his joy for their upcoming wedding. After he leaves, what act does Juliet threaten to commit if she is kept from Romeo?
4:1:89-126Friar comes up with a plan and gives Juliet poison. What will the poison induce in Juliet?
4:2:17-24When Juliet promises obedience to Capulet, how many days does he move up the wedding?
4:3:1-57As Juliet ruminates on the possibilities of the poison not working, what object does she rely on to keep her second marriage from occurring?
4:4:1-45Who first finds Juliet apparently dead?
5:1, 2When Friar John is kept from being able to tell Romeo of Friar Laurence's plan, and Balthasar tells Romeo of Juliet's death, what does Romeo buy from the apothecary?
5:3:1-73Who goes to Juliet's tomb, attacks Romeo, thinking that he is there to dishonor Juliet or Tybalt, and is killed by Romeo?
5:3:74-120What is Romeo's final dying act after drinking the poison?
5:3:121-160Who finds Romeo's corpse, watches Juliet waken, and flees when hears the watchmen approach, unable to convince Juliet to come with him?
5:3:161-167What does Juliet do to Romeo, hoping to die of the same poison Romeo drank?
5:3:168-170When she fails to die from the poison, how does Juliet kill herself?
5:3:296-304As the feud is ended, Montague promises to make a statue (carved effigy) made of Juliet, and Capulet promises to make on of Romeo. Out of what will these images be made?
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