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1:1:1-166As Richard soliloquizes about the blessed state of England, and complains that because of his deformities no one will love him, he states that he will prove a villain; whose death does he admit to planning by bringing him under suspicion of King Edward IV; he meets him on the way to the Tower, pretends to sympathize with him, then revels in his upcoming death?
1:2:1-283Richard woos Lady Anne, Prince Edward's widow, while she is at King Henry VI's casket; at first she is repulsed, and he denies that he killed Henry and Prince Edward; then he admits it and gives her a sword to kill him if she says she can't forgive him; why does he say he killed her husband?
1:3:1-17Queen Elizabeth is talking about the King's illness with her brother, Lord Rivers, and her two sons from a previous marriage, Lord Gray and Marquis of Dorset; she is worried for their safety, because if the king dies Richard will be made what?
1:3:18-113Richard enters the room with Elizabeth and her family and accuses them of lying about him; who does he accuse of being responsible for the imprisonment of his brother?
1:3:114-343Queen Margaret, though banished on pain of death, reveals herself, accusing Richard of having killed Henry VI and Prince Edward; she curses them saying Queen Elizabeth will live to see the death of her husband and son, Rivers, Dorset, and Hastings will die an unatural death, and Richard will not recognize his friends nor his enemies, and further will not have a peaceful what?
1:3:344-4:297Shortly after Clarence relates a dream which foretold Richard's involvement in his impending death, though he was unable to interpret it and rejected the interpretation when it was explained to him, the killers sent by Richard arrive; they hesitate to kill him, but overcome their doubts when they remember what?
2:1:1-144After the king gets the two factions in court to embrace and express forgiveness, whose death, coming as a shock to the King and hastening his death, does Richard blame Queen Elizabeth for?
2:2:1-159After the queen, the duchess (Richard's, Clarence's, and Henry VI's mother) lament the deaths of Henry and Clarence, what plans are made for Prince Edward?
2:4:1-80As the prince approaches London, Queen Elizabeth hears that Richard has had many of her family members arrested; where does she take the younger prince?
3:1:1-61The cardinal is persuaded to violate a sacred privilege and allow the forcible removal of the younger prince, because the younger prince was supposedly too what to claim the privilege?
3:1:62-153To where does Richard send the two young princes?
3:1:154-203Buckingham and Richard order Catesby to sound Lord Hastings out as to whether he will support their plan; what is Catesby instructed to do if Hastings professes loyalty to Prince Edward?
3:2:1-19A messenger from Stanley arrives at Hastings asking him to flee because he dreamed what would kill Hastings?
3:2:20-125Hastings tells Stanley there is no need to worry because the imprisonment and impending death of the Queen's family shows he and Richard are of one mind, and furthermore, he has a friend who will inform him of any danger; who is that friend?
3:3:1-26As Queen Elizabeth's family are informed of their execution, whose curse do they realize is being fulfilled?
3:4:1-73When Richard is informed that Hastings will not consent to him being made king, he accuses Queen Margaret and Catesby's mistress Shore of casting a spell on him giving him what ailment, which he actually had from birth?
3:4:74-109When Hastings hesitates slightly to accept the veracity of the charge, Richard condemns him to death; whose curse does Hastings realize has come to pass?
3:5:1-6:14Though the Scrivener states in a window scene that he had created the order for the execution of Hastings long before Hastings arrived in London, and supposedly was discovered to be a traitor, who, representing the commoners, believes Richard's story about the confession of Hastings, and approves of the quick execution, after the fact?
3:7:1249After the commoners exhibit a less than enthusiastic response to the idea of Richard as King, Richard and Buckingham establish an elaborate plan to portray Richard disinterested in the throne; when visited to be implored to become the king, Richard at first refuses to appear; in what activity is he supposedly engaged in?
4:1:1-97As the duchess, Richard's mother, Queen Elizabeth, the mother of the princes, and Anne, the wife of Richard are forbidden access to the princes, and Anne is summoned to be made queen, to whom is the Marquess Dorset sent?
4:2:1-48Buckingham very quickly falls out of favor with Richard, because he hesitates to approve of the murder of whom?
4:2:53-68Richard plots his wife's death so he can marry whom, strengthening his claim to the throne?
4:2:69-110Richard recalls that a bard had told him he would not live long after he had seen Richmond, and Henry VI had prophesied that Richmond would become what?
4:3:1-47After Richard receives news of the execution of the young princes, he lists those he has gotten rid of, including his wife; whom does he intend to marry next?
4:4:1-205What talent does the Duchess ask Queen Margaret to ask her to teach her; she uses it to great effect on her son, Richard?
4:4:206-454Who, though repulsed at first, seems to agree to talk to her daughter about marrying Richard, and is privately mocked by Richard for so agreeing?
4:4:455-567As Richmond approaches, and Buckingham advances, and several uprisings are reported, Richard questions the loyalty of Stanley, demanding Stanley leave his son with him; whose predictions that Richard would not know his friends from his enemies are thus confirmed?
4:5:1-21Who relates to Richmond's men that marriage between Richmond and the princess Richard intends to marry has been arranged, and further reports on the location of Richard's forces?
5:1:1-30As Buckingham is executed, whose prophesies does he realize have come to pass?
5:3:1-188After Richard curtly prepares his troops and Richmond graciously prepares his troops, the ghosts of those Richard murdered, either directly or indirectly, appear in the dreams of Richard cursing him, and Richmond promising him their support; how many ghosts appear?
5:3:189-373The comparison continues, with Richard waking up worried and Richmond waking up content, and the two addressing their troops in very different styles; at the beginning of the battle, who defects from Richard, but Richard has no time to kill his hostage?
5:4:1-13During the midst of battle, what does Richard offer his kingdom for?
5:5:1-41Who first engages Richard in battle, then kills him, receives his crown, and announces the reunion of the red and white roses through his impending marriage?

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