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1:1:90-211In the presence of Richard II, Bolingbroke accuses Thomas Mowbray of embezzlement, plotting against King Richard, and plotting against whose life, leading to a challenge to a duel?
1:2:39-43Gaunt tells the Duchess of Gloucester that he can't seek vengeance for her husband's death, because who caused it?
1:3:117-230King Richard stops the duel before it even starts, announcing both Bolingbroke and Mowbray will be banished. Bolingbroke is banished for ten years, later reduced to six. For how long does he exile Mowbray?
1:4:21-33After seeing Bolingbroke throw away reverence on 'slaves' and his popularity, Richard decides to lead the army to Ireland. Whose imminent death brings him joy because he can confiscate his lands to finance the military operation?
2:1:75-224After Bolingbroke's father criticizes Richard on his deathbed, and Richard confiscates his possessions, i.e. Bolingbroke's inheritence, who counsels that such an action will be deleterious to his reign but despite that is made Lord Governor of England?
2:1:233-311Name one of the three nobles who decides to desert Richard after the king confiscates Bolingbroke's inheritance.
2:2:90-110When York requests that the Duchess of Gloucester be asked for 1000 pounds to finance resistance to the invasion, he is told she will not be able to provide the funds. Why not?
2:2:130-157Name one of the three nobles who flee, two to Bristow Castle and one to the king in Ireland, upon hearing of the invasion by Bolingbroke.
;2:3:21-32Henry Percy, son of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland meets his father and Bolingbroke and tells them that Thomas Percy, the Earl of Worcesteer and Lord Steward of the Kings household, defected from Richard when Northumberland was declared a traitor, taking with him many of the kings household. What did Worcester break to demonstrate he left his office?
2:3:53-58How many men does young Henry Percy tell them the forces of Richard have under the command of only 3 lords, York, Berkeley, and Seymour?
2:3:71-83When Berkeley is sent by York to question Bolingbroke, calling him Hereford, what name does Bolingbroke insist he use, showing that he is the rightful heir of his father's estate?
2:3:90-175York arrives, chastises his nephew, but also acknowledges Lancaster's grievances are real, and his own power is weak. He doesn't outright support him verbally yet, though in fact he has. In addition to offering Lancaster shelter, how does he describe his own position in the conflict?
2:4:1-24; 3:2:64-84Which troops, 12,000 strong, desert Richard while waiting for him, because they believe the omens reveal he has died?
3:1:1-47Name one of the two supporters of Richard that Lancaster hypocritically executes in the name of the king for, among other things, introducing marital discord between the king and queen and breaking his own stained glass windows depicting his coat of arms.
3:2Several times Richard and his supporters believe they cannot fail because of the source of Richard's authority. Who did they believe ultimately ordained Richard's rule?
3:2:148-226When he lands in Wales and learns of his troops and many nobles defections to Lancaster, the king vacillates between despair and confidence. Whose defection finally causes him to realize that his situation is lost, discharge his troops, and retire to Pine Castle to pine away?
3:3:32-209At Flint Castle both Northumberland and Lancaster aver that Lancaster is loyal to the king, and wishes only for his banishment to be revoked, and for what else that was due him?
3:3:210-220Despite the words of submission offered by Lancaster, Richard submits himself to Lancaster's desires. To where does Lancaster bring King Richard, a prisoner in fact, if not in name?
3:4:1-114From whom does the queen learn of the capitulation of Richard to Lancaster?
4:1:1-89Who does Bagot implicate in the execution of Gloucester, touching off a series of seven challenges for duels?
4:1:113-160When Richard sends word that he will abdicate for Lancaster, now Henry IV, who is the first who objects and is promptly charged with capital treason?
4:1:170-330To where does King Henry send Richard after Richard gives him the crown?
5:1:1-104As Richard meets and says goodbye to his queen, where does Northumberland tell him he will be sent?
5:2:45-129Who finds a letter about a conspiracy to kill Henry on Aumerle, and is intent to inform the king, turning in the bearer of the letter?
5:3:1-152Though Henry pardons Aumerle, what punishment does he say will fall to the rest of the conspirators?
5:4, 5Who overhears Henry say, 'Have I no friend will rid me of this living fear?' and kills Richard?
5:6:25-29Other than Aumerle, who does Henry pardon because he had seen some honor in him?
5:6:30-52When told of the murder of Richard, after admitting he is glad to have him out of the way, but hates the murderer, to where does Henry declare he will go to wash the blood from his hands?

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