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Can you name the items from the Red Dwarf Special: A - Z?

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A'Acting Senior Officer' and hologram
BAt the shows ***GENESIS*** (hint) Paul Jackson, BBC Head of Entertainment, warned creators not to come up with a science fiction comedy, because no one would buy it.
CThere's a minor debate over whether Red Dwarf is this type of show,
i.e. one with dedicated followers
DLast surviving human male
EDaleks discuss human culture and Red Dwarf... then one does this to the other
FPeople who love Red Dwarf
GCreators of the show
(give either last name or
their made up combined name)
HVery high IQ, or low IQ computer,
it had male and female incarnations
IKochanski's crying plea, that eventually gets her a heimlich maneuver (5 words)
JCat claimed it was a cat word for the sound you make when you get your 'sensitive parts' trapped in something
KService Mechanoid who is taught to overcome his programming protocols
LPatrick Stewart was about to call one of these the first time he saw the series, he initially thought it was a rip off of TNG; After watching some more, he became a huge fan and wished Star Trek could have incorporated some of their type of humor
MVarious individuals discuss the episode they LOVED BEST (3 words)
NOver 2,000,000 of these, based on the show, have been sold; they have fleshed out the characters
OAce Rimmer spoofed this spy
PNorman Lovett discussed the lack of this: over a ball confiscated by a producer, not something you would expect a PROFESSIONAL to lack
QJust how sexy is WIlma Flintstone? If I could have capitalized the punctuation mark, I would have (i.e. ***hint)
RIncluded replacing model shots with computer graphics, cutting certain dialogue and scenes, re-filming Norman Lovett's Holly footage, creating a consistent set of opening titles, replacing music and creating ambient sound effects with a digital master
SNickname for Rimmer
TBit cheap: 'The' is counted, this
answer would otherwise go under 'C', the descendent of Lister's pet
UCountry in which a president shoots himself from beyond a grassy knoll
VComplaining Nazi actors saying
they weren't happy with an alligator being dropped on their heads,
(THEY WERE GERMAN) (4 words)
WIt is a special kind of star... (Answer in the form of a question please!)
XRating for material
inappropriate for minors
YKryten's hand in a very sensitive area
ZCould have been said by Porky Pig,
type 'Z' instead of 'Th.'

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