Apostolic and Pre-Nicene Church Fathers

Can you name the Apostolic and Pre-Nicene Church Fathers?

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DescriptionFatherDate and/or Works
Apologist; childishness of pagan teachings contrasted with Scripture on creation, worship of God, and the moral life; creation 5695 years before death of Marcus Aurelius180-185; To Autolycus (3 books, actually 3 different works from three different times)
Apology addressed to a tutor of the emperor Marcus Aurelius; written during a time of persecution130 -200
A jurisconsult, at Rome; very little known about his writings; the one extant work is a supposed argument between the heathen Caecilius and the Christian Octavius160-250; The Octavius
Left stoic teacher-knew nothing about God; left Peripatetic-demanded money; Pythagorean refused him until he learned music, geometry; Platonic teacher; converted to Christianity150-160; First and Second Apology; Dialogue with Trypho
Anti-Montanist Greek, probably from Asia Minor; work is lost, even title is unknown; quotes St. John's Revelation, mentions tradition of St. John raising a dead man in Ephesus200-210
A sermon on self-control, repentance, and judgment; fasting is better than prayer, but alms-giving is better than both130-160; not written by the author of an Epistle bearing the same name
Authorship unknown, possibly multiple authors; included in the Sinaitic Codex and Codex Claromontanus; allegory in the form of 5 visions; Son of God is distinguished from Jesus100-160
Bishop of Hierapolis; Nothing survives of his writings except for a few extracts, longest of which relates to the date of Passover; traces teachings of heretics to the pagans160-180; two books against the Jews; five books against the pagans; two books on 'Truth'; an eloquent 'Apologia' for the Christians, addressed to Marcus Aurelius
All we know of him is from Eusebius; states Dionysius the Areopagite was the first Bishop of Athens; testifies of the generosity of the Roman Church165-175; seven 'Catholic Letters to the Churches'; a private letter of spiritual advice to Chrysophora; a letter to him from Pinytus, Bishop of Cnossus
Bishop of Jerusalem; 'if evil things are qualities of matter, and if the Lord of all changed its qualities for the better, whence, it behooves us to ask, come evil things?'185-196; Concerning Matter, or in Defense of the Proposition that Matter is Created and Not the Cause of Evil; fragment in Eusebius, liberal citations out of this work are also to be found in Methodius, On Free-Will, textually cited by Origen against the Marcionites
Oldest surviving Christian catechism; mentions the Eucharist without any reference to the Resurrection; emphasis on alms and generosity, be careful to whom charity is given50-120
Athenian philosopher; Apologist; Writes to Emperors Marcus Aurelius and son Commodus on behalf of Christians; establishes principle of monotheism on the basis of pagan writings175-180; Embassy for the Christians; On the Resurrection of the Dead
Almost all we know of him is from Eusebius; wrote against Gnostics and Marcion; went on a journey from Corinth to Rome, meeting many bishops -- was amazed at the unity of dogma165-175; Hypomnemata (Memoirs)
Bishop of Ephesus; knew Polycarp, Irenaeus; presided over a local council on the date of Pascha (Easter)130-196; Epistle to Victor and the Roman Church Concerning the Day of Keeping the Passover
Rigorist; Antipope; Became reconciled to the Church shortly before his death; fought Modalism to the point that he overemphasized the distinction between the Persons of the Trinity180-230; Principal Work: Refutation of All Heresies; Best preserved: Commentary on Danial; earliest extant Commentary on the Song of Songs; On Christ and the Antichrist
Teacher of Clement of Alexandria; head of Catechetical School; anticipated Clement and Origen in the study of Greek philosophy, as an aid to theology190-210; only fragments remain
Wrote an epistle to the Philippians, in response to a request from them for words of exhortation; disciple of Apostle John; warns against apostasy110-140
DescriptionFatherDate and/or Works
Head of the Catechetical School of Alexandria; the perfect Christian is the true gnostic; wealth is not condemned by the Gospel as intrinsically evil, morality depends on use182-202; Protrepticus (Exhortation to the Greeks); Paedagogus (Tutor); Stromata (Miscellanies); Rich Man's Salvation
Eusebius called him a man of small mental capacity; preferred 'the living voice' to books; earliest tradition of the authorship of the Mark110-140; Interpretations of the Sayings (logia) of the Lord, fragments
Taught by Apostle John; Obey bishop, as God the Father, priest, as God the Son, deacon as God the Holy Spirit; tradition says he was the Child Christ took up in His arms Mk 9:35105-115
Pupil of Tatian; Eusebius tells us he intended to furnish original solutions of Scriptural problems sated by Tatian180; Against Appelles
The Father of Latin Christianity; jurisconsult, at Rome; priest in Carthage; joins Montanists, later leaving them, founding his own sect, which is later reconciled to the Church197-220; Apologeticus; Ad nationes; Liber de praescriptione haereticorum (prescription referred to testimony not admissable - there is no point in even listening to heretics
A lesser known teacher of Clement of Alexandria; opposition to the Quartodecimans; appeals to Alexandria as authoritative175-185; Epistle on the Question of the Passover, Written in the Name of the Synod of Caesarea (Fragment)
Noted for reference to the Gospel of Peter in which he warned of the erroneous character of this Gospel200-210; private letter to Caricus & Pontius against Montanist heresy; treatise to Domninus, who in time of persecution abandoned Christianity for the error of 'Jewish will-worship'; work on the Docetic Gospel attributed to St. Peter, in which the Christian community of Rhossus in Syria is warned of its errors
A eunich, or possibly merely a virgin; held the Quartodeciman theory; taught the duality of Christ's Natures165-175; On Faith; A Discourse Which Was in the Presence of Antoninus Caesar, and He Exhorted The Said Caesar to Acquaint Himself with God, and Showed to Him the Way of Truth; Discourse on Soul and Body
Taught by a disciple of the Apostle John; emphasizes Apostolic succession because bishops are the guardians of tradition; doctrine of recapitulation175-185; The Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching; Refutation and Overthrow of Knowledge falsely so-called
An epistle written to the Corinthians, who still suffer from many of the same problems the Apostle Paul addressed80-140
Pupil of Justin Martyr; in his later years became an Encratite; Adam was beyond salvation160-170; Address to the Greeks; Diatessaron
The first Christian apologist; hearer of the Apostles; Eusebius erroneously reports that Hadrian responded with a favorable edict120-130; Apology for the Christian Religion, fragment, only preserved in Eusebius, addressed to Hadrian
Converted to Christianity by the preaching of the Apostle Paul during the Areopagus sermonfirst century; supposed author of Divine Names, Mystical Theology, Celestial Hierarchy, Ecclesiastical Hierarchy, epistles
Letter from Church of Smyrna; pressed to deny Christ by saying 'Away with the Atheists!', the bishop points to crowd, and says, 'Away with the Atheists!'150-160
Chaldaeans worship elements/planets; Greeks fallible beings; Egyptians animals; Jews better but worship angels/ritual; Christians best, Jesus Christ, pure love and benevolence120-130; Apology (Addressed to Hadrian)
Gives valuable evidence of the deaths of Sts. Peter and Paul in Rome; held the Apocalypse was a work of the Gnostic Cerinthus200-220; Disputation against Proclus (A Montanist)
Said to have castrated himself; condemned by the 5th Ecumenical Council; extremely influential theologian184/185 – 253/254; 6000 works; On First Principles; Hexapla; On Prayer; On Martyrdom; Against Celsus

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