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PhraseMissing WordMeaning
_____ man's burdenRudyard Kiplings 3-word phrase from a poem title designating the supposed duty of the white peoples to manage the affairs of the underdeveloped colored races
_____ methodMethod of constant questioning and never-ending debate to lead students to absolute truth, after an Athenian philosopher
_____ captivityAny lengthy period of captivity or forced absence, from the 50-year exile of the Jews after Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem in 586 BC
_____ RomanaPeaceful period of time following a world power's domination; derived from the Roman peace lasting from 27 BC to AD 180
To cross the _____To take a decisive step from which one cannot back down, after the river in northern Italy that Caesar crossed to march on Rome and begin the civil war with Pompey
_____ AgreementModel of political appeasement; after the German city where Great Britain and France signed a pact in 1938 ceding the Czech Sudentenland to the Germans
_____ bagTraveling bag after the 19th-century British prime minister
_____ _____ smileEnigmatic smile; after a painting by Leonardo da Vinci
_____ chantChurch music, after the pope who introduced it
_____ schemeDishonest investment that works like a pyramid scheme, after the Italian who developed it
To meet one's _____To suffer a crushing or decisive defeat; from the Belgium site where Napoleon was defeated in 1815
Like _____'s wifePerson in high office must act in such a way that no suspicion can fall on him
_____ hutPrefabricated building for soldiers made of corrugated metal, similar to the quonset hut; after the British engineer who designed it
_____ victoryVictory won at a great cost; After the Greek king whose forces lost so many in defeating the Romans in two major battles that he said, 'Another such victory over the Romans, and we are undone.'
_____ _____ beltBelt with a shoulder strap that runs diagonally across the chest; after a British general
_____ lineFortified line of defense established by Germany on their western frontier following WWI; After the hero who kills the dragon Fafnir in Germanic legend

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