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 What 14th-century poet, whose story of Apollonius of Tyre in the eighth book of his Confessio Amantis serves as an important source for the play? He comes back to life, and serves as a chorus/narrator in the play.
1:1:1-73What does Antiochus, King of Antioch, require suitors to his daughter to solve? Failure brings a death sentence.
1:1:66-180When Pericles interprets the riddle he realizes the king is guilty of what sin, causing him to flee fearing that the king realizing his secret is known would kill him?
1:2:73-132When Pericles relates his adventures in Antioch, who suggests that he flee, and is left in charge of Tyre?
1:3:1-40When Thaliard arrives in Tyre to assassinate Pericles at the behest of Antiochus, and finds that the prince has fled, where does he decide to tell Antiochus that Pericles has perished?
1:4:57-110When Pericles arrives at Tarsus, the governor Cleon fears that he was there to conquer them in their weakened state. What does Pericles give to the king that saves his kingdom from their predicament?
2 ChorusAfter the departure of Thaliard, Pericles is informed that it is safe for him to return. What happens on the return journey?
2:1:1-172When Pericles is rescued by fishermen, what gift from his father do they also retrieve from the sea, enabling him to enter a tournament sponsored by good King Simonides of Pentapolis and his daughter Thaisa?
2:2:1-60At the tournament King Simonids defends Pericles when he is ridiculed for the state of his armor. What was wrong with it?
2:3:1 - 2:5:96After Pericles wins the tournament, and marries Thaisa, Simonides' daughter, word reaches Tyre that King Antiochus and his daughter were punished by the gods, being killed by fire from the sky; The lords, fearing Pericles dead, offer Helicanus the crown; For how long does Helicanus suggest they wait before agreeing to becomee king?
3 Chorus - 3:1:86After Pericles receives word from Helicanus that he needs to come back to Tyre, Pericles and his pregnant wife leave; On their journey Thaisa dies in childbirth; Where is she buried?
3:2:1-128Where does Thaisa's body end up? She is revived by Cerimon.
3:3:1-48With whom does Pericles leave his daughter Marina?
3:4:1-17Thaisa becomes a vestal virgin dedicated to which goddess?
4 Chorus 4:1:1-14Marina is beloved by the people of Tarsus, and Dionyza becomes jealous of the lack of attention given to her daughter, what does she hire a reluctant Leonine to do to Marina?
4:1:15-114As Leonine is about to perform his charge, who comes to 'rescue' Marina?
4:2:1-155Who purchases Marina?
4:3:1-57Who, though angered at her actions, agrees to abet in hiding her crime by erecting a monument to her death?
4:4:1-52When Pericles hears of Marina's death, he dons sackcloth and vows never to cut what again?
4:5:1-6:207Marina talks all men who come to her out of their intentions, even the brothel's servant and what important personage, both of whom help to find her a respectable position?
5 Chorus-5:251Pericles has not spoken in 3 months, who gets him to talk? As he asks her to relate her story, he realizes who she is.
5:1:252-301Who appears to Pericles, encouraging him to journey to Ephesus?
5:2:1-66With whom is Pericles reunited with in Ephesus?
5:2:67-95Pericles announces the upcoming nuptials of Marina and Lysimachus, which kingdom will they rule as king and queen?
EpilogueWho are we told at the end of the play had their palace burned when an angry populace found out about their deeds?

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