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Iago tells Roderigo he is angry at Othello, because Othello had not given him this job.1:1:8
The Duke of Venice summons Othello because of an attack by what enemy?1:3:50
Who first pleaded with the duke for permission to follow Othello to Cyprus?1:3: 240-258
To whom does Othello entrust Desdemona as he goes to war?1:3:293, 294
Who does Iago dissuade from drowning himself, promising to help him win Desdemona's hand?1:3:304 ff
Iago says he also hates Othello due to a rumor that Othello committed this deadly sin with Emilia.1:3:378-385
Who kisses Emilia, clasps the hand of Desdemona, and is also suspected, by Iago, of sleeping with Emilia?2:1:98,167, 303
Against Cassio's protestations, what does Iago get him to do, in order to begin his machinations?2:3:26 ff.
Who was both convinced by Iago of Cassio's unfitness for command, and was subsequently injured by Cassio, causing Othello to dismiss Cassio from his post?2:3:150, 235
In a bid to regain favor, who/what does Cassio hire and send to Othello's house? 3:1:2
When Othello asks Iago if it was Cassio they had seen with Desdemona, Iago expresses doubt because Cassio would not act in what way?3:3:37
Iago warns Othello to beware of what type of monster symbolizing jealousy?3:3:170
Iago reminds Othello that Desdemona deceived who?3:3:210
What keepsake of Desdemona's does Emilia retrieve and give to Iago, who in turn uses it to convince Othello of Desdemona's guilt?3:3:295-325
How many days does Othello give Iago to kill Cassio?3:3:475
What part of his wife does Othello find damp, confirming his suspicion of adultery?3:4:31
The preoccupation of what does Desdemona attribute Othello's foul humor to?3:4:133
What type of a fit does Othello fall into, for the second time, according to Iago?4:1:48
Iago prompts Cassio to talk about what prostitute, while convincing Othello that the discussion is about Desdemona?4:1:73-166
What does Othello ask Iago to procure in order to kill Desdemona?4:1:199
In what place that Desdemona supposedly defiled, does Iago suggest Othello strangle her?4:1:202
What is the name of the duke's emissary, whose conversation with Othello highlights the immense transformation that Othello had undergone?4:1:209-282
During a heated argument with Desdemona, what does Othello give to Emilia, insinuating she is Desdemona's madame?4:2:97
Iago tells Roderigo he must murder Cassio, falsely claiming that if he doesn't, Othello and Desdemona will be sent to what country?4:2:231
What song does Desdemona sing as she prepares for bed, changing a verse pleading blame be laid on her rather than on Othello?4:3:48
Though Othello thinks him dead, and proceeds to Desdemona, Cassio is saved by the thickness of what?5:1:25
With her last dying breath, what act does Desdemona claim to have committed, in one final demonstration of her love for Othello?5:2:121
After mortally wounding himself, what is the one last act that Othello does?5:2:357

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