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Can you name worst airlines with 20 or more planes (according to http://airlines.wanderbat.com/)?

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Country; statsAirlineInfo
Rank; Country: Fleet Size; #Destinations; Ave fleet ageAirline rank is inclusive of smaller airlines
195; Greece; 49; 72; 5.0 yrsCould find no rationale for the negative ratings
196; Indonesia; 137; 102; 5.4 yrs7 September 2004, human rights activist Munir Said Thalib was murdered on a flight; the CEO at the time, Indra Setiawan, his deputy Rohainil Aini, and pilot Pollycarpus Priyanto were all convicted of his murder; the airline was found negligent in refusing to perform an emergency landing and was ordered to pay compensation to Munir's widow, but they then failed to pay the compensation; over the last few years, they have aggressively tried to improve, and have won prestigious awards
197; Ireland; 302; 179; 6.1 yrsConsumer magazine Holiday Which? named it the worst offender for charging for optional extras; passengers arriving without a pre-printed online check-in have to pay €70, if unable to check in luggage online they are charged €100; The Economist wrote that its 'cavalier treatment of passengers' had given it 'a deserved reputation for nastiness' and that the airline 'has become a byword for appalling customer service ... and jeering rudeness towards anyone or anything that gets in its way
198; Italy; 27; 51; NANo Wifi; baggage prices are about 68.3% higher than on other international airlines
199; Kenya; 51; 56; 7.2 yrsBaggage prices are about 394.9% higher than on other international airlines; compared to the airline industry, checking bags for international travel tends to cost about $195.80 more than on other airlines
200; Austria; 22; 50+; 5.4 yrsBaggage prices ($77 for EACH bag, including first on international economy flights) are about 76.9% higher than on other international airlines
201; Canada; 26; 21; 6.5 yrsAfter a planned bridge was canceled, the only access to the home airport for this carrier is by ferry
202; Oman; 32; 46; 5.8 yrsPethora of awards; highly rated by the one user on the site; nothing on the website or in additional research found any justification for such a low rating
203; USA; 48; 40; 8.5 yrsFirst Class passengers have about 3 feet 6 inches of legroom, which is about 14.30 Inches less than the average for all international flights; other than that the airline has several awards and is relatively highly rated by the 3 users who rated it, but the metrics of the website give it a very low rating
204; Mexico; 50; 52; 4.3 yrsCurrently buying new planes
205; Sri Lanka; 23; 96; 11.0 yrsMarch 2015 a government report accused the airline of widespread corruption, but the report itself may have been politically motivated, and no charges have been filed
208; China (Hong Kong); 24; 32; 2.9 yrsFrom some research, the airline seems fine... the website rating is based on one rating... a reminder not to take things like this too seriously! (Many of the lowest ranked airlines have 1-3 votes)
209; UK; 31; 95; 13.2 yrsThey have been updating their fleet recently
210; Tunis; 30; 101; 30 yrsDoes not currently offer WiFi on its flights
212; China (Hong Kong); 40; 44; 12.9 yrsMarch 2013, the airline began refitting its fleet
213; Iran; 51; 80; 25.8 yrsMarch 2011, a majority of the EU airports refused refuelling services; forced rerouting which added time to flights
214; USA; 71; 100; 22.6 yrsOperates with 35 full-time workers per plane compared to more than 50 at other carriers

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